A Gin-Infused, Late-Summer Wedding In Rhode Island

On a cold, rainy March weekend in New York City, Tom and Stacy separately set off to The Garden to watch an elite eight matchup and, eventually, meet the loves of their lives.


When UConn (their alma mater) took down Michigan State, they each had a celebratory date… with fate. Turns out, they had more than Husky-blood in common: a love of Mariah Carey’s seasonal hits and fried cheese, and a mutual work relationship with Erich, who introduced the two at Delmonico’s Kitchen after the game. The next week, they reunited to watch UConn clinch the national title. Shortly after that, Tom asked Stacy on their first official date, which included Tom gifting Stacy, among other things, Cadbury mini eggs.

“I knew from that point on that this was
the guy I was going to marry.”

Fast forward to Tom and Stacy on an October weekend getaway to a Long Island’s Wölffer Estate with a few close friends, including love guru Erich. After wine and snacks, Erich tricked Tom and Stacy into breaking the one rule of vineyards: Do not enter the vines. When trespasser Tom paused to say “You know you mean the world to me, right?” Stacy knew she was in proposal town. Tom dropped to one knee and asked Stacy to marry him.

The two started planning but skipped hiring a wedding planner, opting to do it themselves instead. While Stacy and Tom agreed on most of the aspects of their wedding, they had to make compromises with their parents (who generously offered to help pay). Even so, Tom and Stacy agreed their parents were wedding MVPs. Tom asked his brother David to be his best man, and Stacy’s two brothers to be groomsmen. When it came to choosing an officiant, there was zero doubt it’d be (who else?) Erich.

They had perfect, sunny/74 weather on their wedding day at Blithewold Mansion. Tom and Stacy ditched some traditions (bouquet/garter toss), kept others (first dances, cake cutting), and carried on the Greek (on his mom’s side) wedding tradition of gifting “koufetta”—sugar-coated Jordan almonds that symbolize unity—as part of their wedding favors.

They found an all-star caterer in Blackstone Catering, who provided their cake, dinner, and late-night snacks, and an amazing florist in Sayles Livingston. They hired a DJ for their music, but were a little disappointed that he deviated so much from their playlist. Fortunately, the open bar and signature cocktails—a twist on the classic gin and tonic—saved the dance floor (DJ didn’t save my life).


Groomsmen: Notch Lapel Tuxedo, Black Butterfly Bow Tie, Cotton Dress Shirt, Silver Onyx Button Studs & Cufflinks, and Black Patent Leather Shoes by The Black Tux.

Groom: Notch Lapel Tuxedo, Black Butterfly Bow Tie, Cotton Dress Shirt, Silver Onyx Button Studs & Cufflinks, and Black Patent Leather Shoes by The Black Tux.

Bride: Gown by Martina Liana, shoes by Coach.

Bridesmaids: Dresses by Azazie in Dusk and Dusty Rose colors.

“If guests are making an effort to travel and attend your wedding they shouldn’t have to pay for drinks.”

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