Weak Knees, and a Rehearsal On Shaky Ground

The best moments are the ones you frame, but the difficult ones matter, too. In our real weddings series, we ask couples to share their wedding highs and lows.

Photography by @sloanephoto_

Hayden & Paige
From Colorado Springs
Married July 6, 2019, Los Angeles


“When Paige turned the corner to walk down the aisle! Everyone in the room was so blown away. It was a surreal feeling acknowledging the final moments before becoming a married couple. My knees were so weak I could barely stand up.

The reception was filled with dancing, tacos and amazing drinks. At one point every single person was out of their chairs and out on the dance floor. Spending time with our loved ones and friends throughout the wedding ceremony and reception was amazing, and it was a PARTY.”

“When Paige turned the corner to walk down the aisle… my knees were so weak I could barely stand up.”


“In the week leading up to the wedding, Southern California decided to shake things up. We experienced three earthquakes, the worst one being at the end of our rehearsal dinner. Everyone involved went into a full panic as it was a first experience for most.”


Dress by Blue Bridal
Black Suit by The Black Tux
Black Suits by The Black Tux


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Photographer: Sloane Photo; Venue: HNYPT; Caterer: GoodFellas Taco Catering; Florist: The Tangled Vine; Baker: It’s All About the Cake; DJ: Diamond DJ’s; Wedding Planner: Monge Amore Events.

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