Introducing: The Ruffle Shirt (It’s Back, and Better Than Ever)

The 1970s were a time of bold fashion choices: feathered hair, zip-up jumpsuits, big bell bottoms, chest-baring tops, endless polyester—and we’re just talking about men’s style.

Chances are, you’ve probably never looked at photos from the ʼ70s, and thought, “I really want to dress like that” (unless you’re committed to the disco lifestyle, in which case you are amazing and keep doing you). We’re setting out to change that mindset by bringing back a ʼ70s staple—redesigned for today. Let us introduce you to our new Ruffle Shirt: never before has a throwback style looked so fresh, modern, and—dare we say it—versatile.

Blue Ruffle Shirt (Left) and White Ruffle Shirt (Right).

We didn’t pull our Ruffle Shirt straight from the Studio 54 dance floor, or the aisles of your local Halloween store. We elevated and modernized it by ditching the typical synthetic polyester fabric for breathable fine cotton. We also updated the silhouette to be flattering and slim—not disco-era skin-tight—and got rid of that ridiculously oversized ʼ70s butterfly collar for something a little more… you know, of this century.

The Ruffle Shirt is great because it adds instant texture and personality to any look. Depending on how you style it, it can go a number of ways—from fun and festive, to classic and confident. It’s also the ultimate party shirt—a guaranteed conversation-starter designed to bring the good vibes to any event, from your office holiday party, to a big fancy dinner.

In fact, that’s why we decided to add this shirt to our collection in the first place: the party factor. We kinda live by the philosophy that dressing up should always be fun—not stuffy, not a chore, and never something that makes you feel uncomfortable. A Ruffle Shirt probably isn’t a foundation piece you’d want to invest in and purchase—it is a bold choice, after all. But for the right event, on the right night, when you just need some statement ruffles to complete your look—you sure as hell should be able to rent one without breaking the bank. Besides, ruffles are clearly the next big thing—just ask Ryan Gosling, the red carpet, and the fashion runways.

Our new Ruffle Shirt is available in two colors—white and light blue. It pairs well with a killer playlist, weddings your ex will be at, and giving zero fucks. They’re super limited stock, so reserve yours while it’s hot, and be the talk of your next big night.

Rent our White Ruffle Shirt and Blue Ruffle Shirt.