Our Most Popular Suit and Tuxedo

Our Customer Care team answers a lot of questions, but there’s one they hear more frequently than most: “What’s your most popular suit and tuxedo?”

Left to right: Shawl Collar Tuxedo, Contrast Shawl Jacket Tuxedo, and Grosgrain Bound Tuxedo.

To be clear, we’re not trying to shame anyone who has called in or emailed us to ask about suit popularity—most likely, these folks are just taking the pulse of current trends. But of all the reasons you should wear a particular suit, their level of popularity isn’t very high on our list.

That’s because style is (or should be) personal. “One size fits all” is the kind of phrase The Black Tux was created to combat. The best outfit is the one that actually fits—whether that’s your body or your personality, we want your suit to fit you.

Peak Lapel Tuxedo and Shawl Collar Tuxedo

If you need a place to start, look at the dress code of the event you’re attending. Sometimes you’ll find you’re safe to wear something more casual, like a suit. Perhaps the dress code will signal that a notch lapel tux just isn’t formal enough for that state dinner you’re attending, and you’ll wear a peak lapel or shawl collar. Maybe you’re heading to a holiday party, and that navy suit just doesn’t pack a big enough punch for the event’s festive dress code.

Understanding why a suit or tux is considered more or less formal—like its lapel shape or the number of buttons on the jacket—can help, too. For example, if your style tends to be a little more relaxed, you’d probably opt for a relatively laid-back notch lapel tux rather than the most formal style. Maybe you’d wear a midnight blue tux.

Navy Suit and Notch Lapel Tuxedo

Okay, we’ve left you hanging long enough. The most popular suit is a tie between our grey and navy notch lapel suits. The most popular tuxedo is our black notch lapel tux. And while these suits are very literally produced by sheep (our suits and tuxedo are made of 100% Italian merino wool), herd mentality shouldn’t dictate how you choose your outfit.

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