Stuff We Like: June Edition

Recommended reading on style, weddings, and other stuff we like from around the web.

→ How to Speak Fashion Week
Our friends at the Grey Lady throw some shade on the useless insider jargon used to describe menswear collections during Fashion Week. [The New York Times]

→ Michelle Obama reveals her husband wore same tux all 8 years in office
The former first lady shares a surprising detail about the president’s wardrobe (though close observers already knew he wasn’t one for variety). It goes to show: The right tuxedo really is a timeless masterpiece. [The Hill]

→ Bridesmaids/groomsmen of Reddit, what’s the most ridiculous request you had to endure for the couple’s big day?
Terrible wedding stories are catnip for people in the business of making weddings great, and these don’t disappoint. Grab some popcorn and let the schadenfreude wash over you. [Reddit]

→ If I Could Speak to My Younger Self
Ten nuggets of wisdom from a style writer looking back at his experience building a wardrobe over time, and what he wishes he’d known. [Put This On]

→ Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You What Your Spirit Dog Breed Is
Just do it, you know you want to. [Buzzfeed]