You’re getting dressed, and you’ve got both a bow tie and a necktie hanging in your closet. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably already chosen which one will see daylight (or… nightlight?). That’s because the other pieces of your outfit often dictate the right neckwear for your look.

The Complete Guide to Tuxedo Shirt Styles

Tuxedo shirt styles are like forearm tattoos: painstakingly detailed, and usually covered by a jacket. Unlike tattoos, (most) tux shirt styles do not require laser removal if they don’t turn out the way you expect. Still, you’ll save time and money by getting your tux shirt—and your ink—right the first time. We can help with the shirt.

Dear Mr. Buttons,

I got invited to a September wedding, and am having trouble figuring out what to wear. The wedding date definitely feels past summer dress code territory—problem is, it’ll probably still be about 80 degrees and humid at the time. How do I dress for a Fall wedding when the weather hasn’t caught up yet?