Prom Tuxedos 2019: Guide to Prom Tux Ideas

While most of your bruhs will cluelessly dress themselves in the shiniest materials they can find, you will arrive in the prom tux 2019 will be known for—the outfit of legends.

Our velvet jacket tuxedo, just one of our many prom tux ideas for 2018.

Why? Because you found the one guide to prom tux ideas that can actually help you land the right look. There are endless prom outfits for guys and you’ve got to narrow down your options. That’s where we come in.

Good news is, when it comes to prom attire for guys 2019 has a lot to offer. Men’s prom outfits usually stay pretty much the same (tux + tie = you’re good), but this year’s prom tux styles bring a little more to the dance floor than in the past. That means you’ll have to put in a little effort (but really, only a little). Read on to set yourself apart from the pack with the best prom styles for men.

Table of Contents

Modern Prom Tux Ideas
Traditional Prom Tux Ideas
Creative Prom Tux Ideas
Trendy Prom Tux Ideas
Prom Tux Accessories
Bonus: Prom Tux Questions, Answered

Celebrity-Inspired Prom Tux Ideas

Awards shows tend to be a little long and a little overdone, but they are good for one thing: dank memes. They’re also good for another, better thing: style inspo. Knowing who won the red carpet can give you some much needed prom tux ideas.

Click below the images to shop the look.


You respect tradition, but you don’t want to show up looking stale. These are updated, modern versions of the most classic tuxedo styles.

Big Sean in a white dinner jacket tux with a black shawl collar:

Big Sean in a contrast shawl jacket prom tuxedo.
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Timothée Chalamet in a grosgrain bound tux:

Timothée Chalamet in a grosgrain bound prom tuxedo.
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Sterling K. Brown in a velvet jacket tuxedo:

Sterling K. Brown in a velvet jacket prom tux.
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Ryan Gosling in a grey tux:

Ryan Gosling in a grey prom tux.
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Leo in a classic notch lapel tuxedo:

Leonardo DiCaprio in a notch lapel prom tuxedo.
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There’s a reason these tuxedos have withstood the test of time: they’re classics. You’ll probably thank yourself in 20 years when you pull your prom pic out of a box… on Mars.

Lucas Hedges in a peak lapel tux:

Lucas Hedges in a peak lapel prom tux.
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Andrew Garfield, also in a peak lapel tuxedo:

Andrew Garfield in a peak lapel prom tuxedo.
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Ansel Elgort in a shawl collar tux:

Ansel Elgort in a shawl collar prom tuxedo.
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Jordan Peele in a white dinner jacket tuxedo:

Jordan Peele in one of our favorite prom tux ideas: a white dinner jacket tuxedo.
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Dev Patel, also in wearing a white dinner jacket tux:

Dev Patel, also wearing a white dinner jacket prom tux.
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You’re an individual, and you want a tux that raises the bar for self-expression. Medium risk, high reward, lit tux.

Zayn Malik in a rose suit:

Zayn Malik in a rose prom tuxedo.
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Ansel Elgort in an emerald jacket tuxedo:

Ansel Elgort in an emerald shawl jacket prom tuxedo.
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Finn Wolfhard in an emerald tux:

Finn Wolfhard in an emerald prom tux.
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Trevor Jackson in a ruby velvet tux:

Trevor Jackson in a ruby velvet prom tuxedo.
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Kumail Nanjiani in a tartan jacket tuxedo:

Kumail Nanjiani in a tartan jacket prom tuxedo.
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Right now is all that matters to you, and you aren’t afraid to jump on the latest trends. Let’s ride the wave.

Dave Franco in a midnight shawl collar tux:

Dave Franco wears a midnight jacket tuxedo, one of our prom tux ideas.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda wearing a blue jacket tuxedo:

Lin-Manuel Miranda wears a blue jacket prom tuxedo.Shop the Look ➝

Lakeith Stanfield in a midnight blue tuxedo:

Lakeith Stanfield wears a midnight blue prom tuxedo.
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Tom Holland in a double breasted tuxedo:

Tom Holland in a double breasted prom tux.
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Sebastian Stan in a black corduroy tuxedo:

Sebastian Stan wears a corduroy prom tuxedo.
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Prom Tux Accessories: Ties, Shirts, Shoes and More

Once you’ve chosen the perfect tux, it’s time to fill in the gaps in your prom outfit with these accessories.


Sometimes the most obvious choice is the right choice. Pair a black bow tie or necktie with anything and you’ll be fine.

Pattern Black and White
If you’re wearing a solid black or midnight blue tux, try a patterned tie in black and white—it’s really hard to mess this up.

Black necktie by The Black Tux, made of 100% silk with white pindot motif.

Colorful Neckwear
A little color can be a good move, but it can be easy to overdo. If your tie is colorful, keep your tux and shirt black and white.

Worried about tying a bow tie? We’ve got your back. Learn more here.


White pocket squares look good with everything, and demonstrate you’re really, really good at folding things. Done.

Black and White
You can get a lot of mileage out of black and white. Try a simple pattern, a unique design, or even just a shoestring detail.

Silk pocket square by The Black Tux, with a leopard motif.

Colorful Pocket Squares
Remember what we said about colorful ties? Same goes for your pocket square. Keep your tux and shirt simple if you choose colorful accessories.


Dress Shirt or Fly-Front Shirt
Wearing a dress shirt is a low-key move, leaving the door open for your tux or tie to make a statement.

For a sleek, modern choice, try a fly-front shirt (the kind that hides your shirt buttons).

Tuxedo Shirt
Elevate your look without going full-on formal. The fold-down collar says “Relax, it’s just prom,” but the pleated front says “I legitimately know how to tango for real.”

Slim bibbed tuxedo shirt by The Black Tux.

Wing Tip Shirt
Only with a traditional tuxedo style, and TBH, this is probably too serious for prom. But do you.

Ruffle Shirt
There are a lot of things we didn’t expect in 2019, but here we are eating Tide Pods (are you still doing that?), and ruffle shirts are back in the mix for prom. No fear, just badass ruffles.


Patent Leather
Patent leather is an easy go-to when you’re wearing a tux. Simple FTW.

Cap Toe Shoes
A sleek cap toe shoe demands just enough attention. This pair adds variety to your look without upstaging your tux.

Velvet slip-ons and grosgrain loafers will improve your dance moves by up to 20% (probably). If it’s warm outside, skip the socks and let those ankles breathe.

Velvet prom tux loafer by The Black Tux.

Sneakers are a good swerve, but a clean pair in black are the only kind we can safely recommend. Yeezy yellow at your own risk.


A tux without cufflinks is like eating fries without ketchup… or ranch, or mustard, or whatever you like to dip into. So I guess what I’m saying is live a little and wear them.

Black and white enamel cufflinks by The Black Tux.

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Bonus: Prom Tux Questions, Answered

Nobody’s born a prom tux pro. Whatever prom tux ideas end up shaping your look, you’ll probably have some questions—that’s normal. We have the answers, and they’ll help you avoid bad fits, awkward photos, and general prom anxiety (been there).

Suit Vs. Tuxedo

Suits and tuxedos might seem pretty similar, but a tux isn’t just a black suit worn with a bow tie (and not all tuxedos are black and white). The biggest difference is the silk satin used in the design of the tuxedo’s jacket lapels, buttons, and pants. Suits are usually made with one fabric on both the jacket and pants—no satin involved—and normal buttons.

Detailed graphic of a prom tuxedo.

So, should you wear a suit or a tuxedo? Honestly, it’s prom—when else are you going to bust out a tux? Up your game for the big night and let your bar mitzvah suit sit this dance out.

Bow Tie Vs. Necktie

With a prom tuxedo, bow ties are the don’t-think-twice choice—and don’t worry if you don’t know how to tie one yet, it’s simple. But done right, a slim necktie can score style points, so consider your options.

If you’re wearing a traditional prom tux style (see above), a bow tie is your best option. You’ll look like a pro, and it’ll keep your look consistent.

In one of our modern or trendy prom tux ideas, you’re in the clear for both bow ties and neckties: necktie for a laid-back look, bow tie to keep it classy.

Peak lapel prom tuxedo styled with no tie.

With any creative look, and you’ve got a third option—no tie. This works best if you button your shirt up completely, and you’ve got to wear it with confidence. This is prom, not a cruise ship (and if your prom theme is cruise ship, it’s still prom).

In the end, no matter what your overall look is, choose the tie style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Should I match my date?

Short answer: No.

There are several reasons, but for starters, it’s almost impossible to keep matching outfits from looking like a costumes. You may not wear a tux very often, but hey—it’s still supposed to look like clothing.

The worst idea is matching denim outfits, as worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

There’s also a big difference between matching and coordinating. If your date has an elaborate color scheme planned, that can work with any of the prom tux ideas we’ve offered here. But narrow it down to one or two of those colors for your outfit. Power couples do this all the time, but they still maintain their individuality. Why? Because they’re coordinating, not twinning.

How much color is too much color?

Most of the time, getting dressed is about making personal style choices. That definitely applies to color, but here’s the thing about choices… they come in two flavors: good ones and bad ones. There are two different ways you can (and should) make a good color choice.

A rose shawl tuxedo is one of many colorful prom tux ideas we offer.

The first is to let your tuxedo do the talking. If you wear a colorful tux—whether it’s only the jacket, or both pants and jacket—keep your accessories and shirt to a low-key black and white color scheme. That keeps the attention where it belongs—on your statement tux. Add too much color, and you start to look like someone finger-painted your outfit on.

The second option is to keep your prom tux black and/or white, and take your tie, pocket square, or shirt for a ride around the color wheel. Again, it’s easy to overdo it, so if you bring the color to more than one accessory, choose complementary colors.

This may seem limiting at first, but there are a lot of patterns, like pindot or stripes in black and white, that can make your outfit more interesting. But please, please, do not make the most common prom tux mistake.

How should my prom tuxedo fit?

Wearing a prom tux should look effortless, but you’ll need to pay attention to how it fits to be your prom’s GOAT (Greatest Of All Tuxedos). Lucky for you, there are just 3 major parts to double check and dial in.

The Jacket:

The Shirt:

The Pants:

Dive a little deeper and perfect your fit here.

Do I button all of the buttons on my prom tux jacket?

Unless your jacket only has one button, never fasten all of the buttons on your suit or tuxedo jacket. Let’s break it down:

2 buttons: Fasten the top button only.
3 buttons: You have the option of fastening the top button, but always button the middle.
Double-breasted jacket: Fasten the top button (and keep it fastened—don’t wear this unbuttoned).

But no matter the jacket, never button the bottom jacket button—it just won’t fit very well or look right.

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Finding prom tux ideas is a solid start, but that’s only half the battle. We’re not 17 anymore (cries a little), but we get that renting a tux for prom can be a hassle. That’s why we made it simple. Just answer a few questions, order online, and we’ll deliver your prom tux to your door. No tux shop trip required. Plus, it’ll actually fit. Sound good?

Get started here, and remember: prom is one night, but photos are forever.