Black Tie Wedding Attire Guide

Learn how to use the black tie dress code for weddings, and how to create modern and classic black tie wedding attire outfits.

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If you’re looking for a formal wedding vibe, you can’t get a lot more buttoned up than black tie wedding attire. These weddings aren’t stuffy, either—at least, not all of them. The black tie dress code can level the playing field for everyone’s outfits, returning the focus to the people, the conversations, and the celebration. There’s nothing less stuffy than that.

That being said, black tie attire isn’t right for every wedding. If your outdoor wedding is scheduled during a warm season or you’re in tropical climate, there are better options for your situation. But hey—if you’ve got AC, anything is possible.


This wedding dress code is all about the tuxedo—the classic black and white outfit that’s helped a billion other humans look better than they normally do (us included). It’s also pretty strict—colors and patterns should be minimal to nonexistent.

Start with a black, midnight blue, or white dinner jacket tuxedo, add a simple white tuxedo or dress shirt, add a black bow tie and black dress shoes, and you’re set. We’ll cover the few small tweaks you can make to black tie wedding attire below, but you can’t go wrong if you stick to this original lineup.

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Black Tie Wedding Attire for Grooms
Black Tie Wedding Attire for Wedding Parties
Black Tie Wedding Attire for Guests

Black Tie Wedding Attire
for Grooms

As the groom, you’ll need to follow the black tie dress code while setting yourself apart. Remember: Less is more in this case, because if you go too big you risk standing out for the wrong reasons (like not following your own dress code).


Midnight blue tuxedos are a modern black tie staple and a great choice for grooms. This unique tux won’t push the boundaries of the dress code too far when paired with minimal and simple black tie accessories, but you’ll contrast nicely with any groomsmen in classic black tuxedos. The shawl collar lapel further separates this look from more familiar styles.

black tie wedding attire for grooms
Midnight Shawl Tuxedo
black tie dress code accessories
Silk Diamond Bow Tie, Fly-Front Shirt, Grosgrain Loafers
Pin Dot Pocket Square


There are few timeless formal wear looks that bring the old Hollywood vibe like a white dinner jacket tuxedo. The key is a crisp, truly white dress shirt, as it will provide a little contrast with the creamy ivory color of the tux jacket. Keep the accessories traditional for a classic look.

White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo
Black Textured Bow Tie, White Linen Pocket Square, Patent Leather Shoes
Pleated Point Collar Shirt

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Black Tie Wedding Attire
for Wedding Parties

The wedding party doesn’t need to wear the exact same thing as the groom, though following the black tie dress code means their wedding attire will be similar. Instead, outfit your groomsmen in ways that complement the groom’s look.


If you took our advice for grooms (above), you’ll want a similar black tie outfit for the wedding party—one that gives a nod to the groom’s outfit without mirroring the look. Paired with modern accessories, a black shawl collar tuxedo is the perfect choice.

black tie wedding attire for groomsmen
Shawl Collar Tuxedo
Fly-Front Shirt, Pin Dot Bow Tie, Button Suspenders
Patent Leather & Calfskin Shoes


This classic wedding party look could work well for anyone, but it’s especially appropriate for wedding parties when paired with our classic recommendation for grooms (above). Keep the wedding party low key in black peak lapel tuxedos with ivory low-cut vests (to complement the groom’s ivory tux jacket).

classic black tie dress code
Peak Lapel Tuxedo, Ivory Low-Cut Vest
Silver Onyx Button Studs, White Dress Shirt, Patent Leather Shoes
black tie wedding bow tie
Black Butterfly Bow Tie

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Black Tie Wedding Attire
for Guests

You need to look great without stealing the show, so getting dressed for a black tie wedding will be straightforward. Still, there are subtle, low-key ways to differentiate your tux from the rest.


If the hosts have a generally relaxed attitude, you can probably get away with making some modern adjustments to your black tie. Small details (like the laidback notch lapels on your tux) stand out more than usual with this dress code, so make the most of their chill vibe with bold black and white accessories.

Notch Lapel Tuxedo, Patent Leather Shoes
modern black tie accessories
Polka Dot Bow Tie, Black Dress Shirt, Leopard Pocket Square
Black & White Cufflinks


It can be tempting to push the limits, but with this dress code a reserved look can speak more to your style IQ than a bold statement suit ever could. Whatever you decide, know that you can never go wrong with a classic black tie outfit.

Peak Lapel Tuxedo, Black Satin Bow Tie, White Linen Pocket Square
Black Low Cut Vest, Wing Tip Tuxedo Shirt, Silver Onyx Button Studs
black tie attire wedding shoes
Black Patent Leather Shoes

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The Right Fit for Your Wedding

Understanding dress codes can help you choose the right tuxedo, but it’s equally important that the tux actually fits you. We design tuxedos with a modern cut and a better fit, and make it simple for everyone to arrive at the wedding looking their best and ready to celebrate.

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If you’re planning your own wedding and need to make sure your look is perfect, you can check out the style and fit of our tuxedos before your big day—for free. Start your home try-on here.

You can also visit us in-person, or answer a few questions right now to find your sizes online (it’s very easy).