When to Buy a Suit, and When to Rent

Should you buy your suit or tux for keeps, or rent exactly what you need for right now? Here’s what you need to know.

When Does Renting Make Sense?

Sometimes you just need that suit or tux for the moment. These are the best reasons to rent:

1. You don’t wear suits or tuxedos very often.

If your most formal workwear is an oxford dress shirt, or you only need a tux once or twice per year (on average), don’t crowd your closet—just rent exactly what you need right now.

2. You can’t justify the cost of buying.

A sequel to the previous reason to rent, because the less you wear a suit, the more it costs to own it per wear. Don’t set yourself up to neglect a beautiful tuxedo—rent instead.

3. You want to wear something unique.

The typical event doesn’t call for a vibey astral velvet jacket or a full gingham tuxedo, but sometimes you want to show up. Unless you’re a collector, it’s probably a better idea to rent that bold style.

4. You don’t want to overthink it.

The suit is just the beginning, so if you don’t have the bandwidth to visit a tailor or find accessories (like ties and pocket squares), let us handle everything and rent.

When Does Buying Make Sense?

Buying one of our Italian-crafted suits will cost a little more up front than renting, but then you never have to say goodbye. Here’s when it’s worth it:

1. Your calendar is full of formal events.

This is purely a numbers game. In our case, if you think you’ll wear the suit or tux at least 3-4 times, it makes sense to buy it and add it to your closet. Especially when…

2. You want to invest in a versatile style.

The classic black tuxedo isn’t going anywhere, and everyone should have a navy suit ready to roll. With some care, these garments should last you years, and there are thousands of ways to style any suit with accessories.

3. You have a unique body type.

Our suits are designed to fit just about anyone without tailoring, but if you’ve had trouble finding the right fit due to your unique build, buying a suit or tux opens the door to even more customization and tailoring. Definitely worth it.

4. You can’t let that bold suit get away.

Yes, buying a versatile suit is the rational choice, but counterargument: when will this burgundy tuxedo not make you feel like a VIP? If you love the style, add it to your collection.

What About “Rental Quality?”

First, forget everything you know about the typical suit rental, because renting a baggy polyester suit never made sense. Our suits are thoughtfully designed with a modern fit and crafted with fine Italian textiles like wool, silk, and velvet. We also pay attention to the details you don’t see, like full canvas jacket construction for a more natural fit (not boxy). That’s true whether you rent or buy.

Either way, you’ll get a fitted, high quality garment—for now or for keeps. It really depends on the details of your situation and what you want.

What About Groomspeople?

In addition to the arguments above, groomspeople have even more to consider. There’s a long tradition of wedding parties renting tuxedos, and that’s usually the play. But in some situations, the stars align and it makes sense to buy the suit. Let’s dig in.


You already have a similar suit/tux
or this one isn’t your style. When you’re in the wedding party, you don’t always have control over what you’ll wear to the wedding. You still need to match the crew, so rent it.

You want to minimize cost.
Being in a wedding is inherently expensive, so if buying the suit isn’t in your budget, renting can keep your expenses in check.


You love the style.
Whether it’s a classic suit that highlights your attributes (hello, shoulders), or a tartan tux that reminds you of your grandfather’s kilt, it’ll hurt to send it back after the wedding. Buy it instead.

Finding Sizes & The Right Fit

We think a suit should actually fit, and that’s true whether you’re buying it or renting. That’s why we make it convenient to find your sizes and check the fit of our suits and tuxedos.

Prefer the personal touch? Book an appointment at one of our showrooms across the country (and at select Nordstrom stores) to get styling advice and find the right fit. Or, answer a few simple questions to find your sizes now. Whether you buy or rent, we’ll make sure you own it.