Casual Wedding Attire Guide

Learn what casual wedding attire means for guests, and how to create casual wedding attire outfits for grooms and wedding parties.

wedding party groom in casual wedding attire
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The most important thing you should know about casual wedding attire is that “casual” is a relative term. Compared to what you’d wear to a big business meeting or a tux-level awards ceremony, this outfit will be casual. To avoid confusion, some couples choose to modify the dress code to “dressy casual,” establishing that casual wedding attire for men does not mean denim and a polo shirt.

Whatever the exact wedding attire wording, don’t pass on a suit just yet.


You could probably get by with a dress shirt and dress pants, but you’re researching this dress code for a reason—you obviously want to look your best. To avoid feeling under-dressed, wear a suit, a dress shirt, and (probably) a tie. If you want to loosen up your look, you could skip the tie and cufflinks, or add a little more color to your outfit with a pocket square.

Need more guidance? Read on for daytime and evening outfit ideas that follow the casual attire dress code.

Table of Contents

Casual Wedding Attire for Grooms
Casual Wedding Attire for Wedding Parties
Casual Wedding Attire for Guests

Casual Wedding Attire
for Grooms

For grooms, we recommend a conservative approach—so not too casual. A crisp white dress shirt and necktie is always wise, even if the wedding vibe is relaxed. Skip these items and the risk of looking sloppy in your wedding photos is very real.


Tan is one of the most casual suit colors you can wear, so this look is tailored for a casual wedding. A brightly-colored necktie and brown suede shoes also fit the chill bill, then pull the whole look together with a white dress shirt and simple pocket square.

daytime suit for casual wedding attire
Tan Suit, White Dress Shirt
Burgundy Wool & Silk Necktie, White Linen Pocket Square
casual wedding attire shoes
Brown Suede Shoes


If you want to stand out (in a good way), wear a black suit with brown leather shoes. It’s a bold style move that’s appropriately casual for evening weddings with this dress code. Keep the tie color muted, but use the real estate in your pocket to add a splash of color (or more specifically, one of your wedding colors).

black suit casual wedding attire for evening weddings
Black Suit, White Dress Shirt
Brown Leather Shoes, Blue Quad Pocket Square
muted tie color for casual dress code wedding suit
Silver Knit Necktie

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Casual Wedding Attire
for Wedding Parties

The right groomsmen outfits will follow the lead of the groom’s look—in this case, you’ll need a suit and tie in colors that won’t compete for the spotlight.


You don’t need any deep red or pink in your wedding color scheme for this look to work—if you do, that’s even better. The monochromatic grey of the suit and necktie might be a little serious on their own, but a colorful shirt will help mellow this daytime casual attire look.

Grey Suit, Black Leather Shoes
groomsmen tie for casual dress code
Pink Dress Shirt, Grey Cotton Necktie
Ruby Polka Dot Pocket Square


This blue suit has a vibrant color that stands on its own, but it’s not so bright that it will take the focus from the groom. Pair it with a white dress shirt and keep your accessories simple—no need to spin the color wheel too hard.

Blue Suit, White Dress Shirt, Brown Leather Shoes
Black Brass Cufflinks, Linen Shoestring Pocket Square
Taupe Silk Necktie

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Casual Wedding Attire
for Guests

As a guest, you could easily wear any of the looks above, but if you go with a conservative look (white shirt, neckties, etc.), the more likely you’ll look like you’re in the wedding party. Skip the tie and make up for it with an interesting pocket square.


Combining the dusty grey fabric of this light grey suit with black polished leather shoes creates an unexpected contrast. To keep the casual look going, wear a dress shirt with a subtle stripe and opt for a pocket square that pops—one with a print instead of a pattern.

daytime casual wedding attire for guests light grey suit
Light Grey Suit
Decisions Pocket Square, Black Leather Wood Sole Shoes
dress shirt for casual wedding attire guest
Blue Stripe Dress Shirt


If you’re following along, this is the second time we’ve paired brown shoes with a black suit in this guide. For some people, this is as edgy as they’ll ever get, and that’s very sad—take this opportunity to separate your look from the rest. Choose a playful pocket square to keep your dark suit from looking too formal, and wear a colorful dress shirt underneath.

Black Suit
Blue Shirt, Brown Suede Shoes
Banana Leaf Pocket Square

The Right Fit for Your Wedding

Understanding the casual attire dress code can help you choose the right wedding look, but it’s just as important that your suit actually fits you. We design modern suits and tuxedos with a better fit, making it easy for everyone to arrive looking their best and ready to celebrate.

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