How To Choose the Best Shoes for Your Suit

Shoes are your outfit’s foundation. They can make or break your look, which is why we offer so many shoe options for rent. But as you know, mo’ choices mo’ problems.

It’s not always simple deciding which shoes will work best with your outfit, so let’s make it easier. Read on to choose the best shoes for your suit.

Black Leather Shoes

Yeah, they’re conservative—but they’re also classic and versatile. Black shoes are a can’t-go-wrong choice for any of our suits. Navy and grey suits are particularly good matches for black shoes, or try them sans socks with a tan suit for contrast.
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Brown Leather Shoes

Trying to bring out your suit’s color? A pair of medium brown leather shoes are perfect for the job. You’ll still be playing it relatively safe, and that’s not a bad thing. Brown shoes add some low-key flair to tan and navy suits, and show you gave this whole “getting dressed” thing some thought.
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Brown Suede Shoes

There’s nothing quite as bold as a good nap—that is, the rich nap on a pair of suede shoes. The texture and dark cocoa color of our brown suede shoes makes them an ideal match for tan and light grey suits. Besides, suede—like a light-colored suit—is always a winner in warm weather.
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Patent Leather

When it comes to wearing a tux, patent leather is an easy, go-to choice. But patent does its best work when you’re wearing a tux that mixes it up a bit. Our patent leather shoes keep your outfit classic in our gingham and velvet jacket tuxedos.
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Cap Toe Shoes

These are too formal for a suit, but the combination of matte leather accented by patent leather brings some subtle variety to your look—especially when you’re in head-to-toe black and white. Cap toe is the way to go for classic peak and notch lapel tuxedos.
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Velvet Loafers

We already called out the casual texture that our brown suede shoes bring to a suit, but how do you achieve the same in a tux? In a word, velvet. But don’t make these slip-ons do all the heavy lifting in your outfit—pair them with the bold Blackwatch tartan or white dinner jacket tuxedos.
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Grosgrain Loafers

Whether you’ve got the moves or not, our patent and grosgrain loafers will at least make you *look* like a great dancer. Pair these loafers with bold outfits, like a rose shawl collar or midnight pin dot tuxedos. And in warmer months, skip the socks and let those ankles breathe.

Still not sure about the best shoes for your suit? Head over to our complete outfits page for some head-to-toe professionally-styled looks, or check out our Instagram feed for even more inspiration.