Event Recap: The Black Tux Suit Swap

On Saturday, April 29th, we gave away over 200 of our suits for free. All you had to do was trade in an old, ugly suit you didn’t want anymore.

If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then one man’s old, ill-fitting suit is another man’s… Just kidding, no man should have to live through the embarrassment of wearing a bad suit‚ especially to a wedding, prom, or big job interview. Some moments in life are just too important to look cheap, saggy, and boxy. It was with this in mind that we planned our first-ever Suit Swap, inviting LA-based guys to bring us their old suits—the more threadbare and outdated, the better—in exchange for a free suit from The Black Tux.

Over two hundred people came by our Santa Monica showroom on Saturday, April 29th to get their free suit—the line started forming around 7:30am with guys excited to trade their tired old formalwear for something a little more modern, and a lot better-fitting.

Every person who visited us that day left with one of our gray or charcoal suits. We left with a gigantic pile of worn-out rejects, but—make no mistake—we were happy about it! All of the old suits we collected at the Suit Swap will be recycled, and turned into thread to make new garments. It’s the circle of suit life.

Overall, the swap was a big suit-cess (sorry, we couldn’t resist the bad pun): A couple hundred Los Angeles men were saved from formalwear hell, wedding guests everywhere were saved from having to look at all those bad suits this summer wedding season, and Mother Earth was saved from 200 suits worth of clothing waste. It was pretty much an all-around win. Stay tuned for a possible upcoming Suit Swap in your city!

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