Year in Preview: Formal Wear Forecast 2023

Find out which suits and tuxedos are trending and get our style predictions for 2023 in our first-ever annual formal wear forecast.

From day one, we’ve been way more interested in how people express themselves wearing our tuxedos than whether they follow the “rules” of formal wear. And we’ve seen it all in the past 10 years, outfitting over 1.5 million of you.

So you might say it’s overdue that we publicly share the trends we’re seeing and what we think people will be wearing this year (call it a report if you want). Let’s dig in.

Black tie is back.

Entering 2020, casual suits and formal tuxedos were in even demand, but by the end of 2022, the tux pulled away in popularity.

Here’s why: With limited options for getting out over the past few years, people are ready to show up looking their absolute best—in a tux.

Our take: Expect formal looks to continue their reign in 2023.

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Nevada goes big.
Kansas keeps it simple.

Looking state by state, Nevada (and especially Vegas) rented the highest proportion of bold styles, from unique velvet jackets to colorful tuxedos. Taking the #2 spot is—surprisingly—Idaho (we’re RSVPing yes to whatever’s happening in Boise.)

Meanwhile, Kansas keeps it simple, clean, and classically-appointed—all you really need to do to stand out, sometimes. Our formal suits and classic black tuxedos were in greater demand on the Great Plains than anywhere else. And they’re in good (and densely populated) company, with New York taking #4 on the classic tux list.

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Formal is in demand.

Our most formal suit and tuxedo styles and colors have grown in popularity since 2020, with black tuxedos taking the top three spots for tuxes in 2022, and darker colors dominating on the suit side.

Here’s why: This one’s simple. Formal looks are timeless and still offer the option to personalize with neckwear, accessories, and shoes.

Our take: While we think formal styles will outpace casual looks overall, they’ll get a run for their money in 2023 as people absorb the trend of bold, playful red carpet style.

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Earth tones are hitting the right notes.

There’s been a return to nature—and the colors of nature—in the past year, with growing demand for our Tan suit, Marigold tux, and Emerald tux.

Here’s why: Choosing earth tones for accessories has always been a subtle way to introduce color into a look, so why not amplify the statement with a full suit or tux?

Our take: We expect the earthy trend to intensify in 2023 with vibrant oranges, tranquil greens, and mellow brown-tones.

PS- New neckwear and suits in these shades coming soon.

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There’s no tie in the tie game.

Bow ties are the perfect accomplice to the formal (and also incredibly popular) black tux, and we’ve seen bow ties far outpace the necktie for over 3 years.

Here’s why: If french fries were the #1 side dish of 2023, ketchup would be the #1 condiment (controversial but true), and that’s what’s happening in this tux + bow tie moment.

(Btw, we think Pete Davidson will remain the #1 side dish in 2023.)

Our take: When it comes to a more laid back or low-key night out, the necktie and suit combo still wins out in our book. But people are ready to go big, and we see bow ties holding their own in 2023

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Vests are on a suspension.

Vests and the three-piece suit have been giving up ground to alternatives like suspenders, and yes, the polarizing cummerbund.

Here’s why: Suspenders are a modern alternative to the vest, and (literally) help pull your look together when the tux jacket comes off. Cummerbunds are making a quiet comeback with the cool kids.

Our take: The vest is still the best way to elevate a look, whether tux or suit, but we still see grooms keeping this style spotlight to themselves this year.

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Loafers for the win?
Knot gonna happen—but on the rise.

There’s no better feeling than kicking off your shoes, and loafers don’t hold your heels hostage. To our point—we saw a  nearly 10% jump in demand for loafers vs 2021, while lace-ups lagged.

Here’s why: Loafers are so damn comfortable, and offer a subtle way to stand out. Still, traditional lace-ups are still the overwhelming favorite for formal events. 

Our take: Get cozy and settle in—loafers will continue to grow in popularity in 2023. Who has time to tie their shoes?

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We know how to fit the city of big shoulders.

The midwest wears us best—or most, at least. For breezy beach gatherings on Lake Michigan and black tie rooftop weddings on Michigan Avenue, we delivered the most fits to Chicago zip codes in 2022, and over 4% of all rentals.

But there is some controversy here. While Chicago technically had the highest overall tux rental volume, New York took second with 3.3%, and third? Brooklyn at 1.98%—technically not a zip code in NYC, but when combined with the other boroughs, well above Chicago’s 4.18%.

Whichever city you side with on this issue, we’ve got you.

That’s the scoop. Now it’s time to get ready.

Even if you are a formal wear nerd armed with data on the latest tux trends (guilty), choosing your look isn’t easy. Book a showroom appointment and let our experts help you dial in a look that’s at least 99.875% on trend.

Or, if you feel like you got the assignment, start building a look that’s 100% you, now.

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