Lost (& Found) Vows, and a Suit They’ll Talk About

The best moments are the ones you frame, but the difficult ones matter, too. In our real weddings series, we ask couples to share their wedding highs and lows.

Jon & Noelle
From Los Angeles, CA
Married September 2, 2018, Pasadena, CA


Photography by @flashbibbs.

“When it came time to pick out a wedding tux, I knew that I wanted my look to really stand out, but everywhere I went on my long search for suits made me look completely average. Not to mention majority of the suits were boxy and rigid and made me feel like Kanye West and Lil Pump in the “I Love It” music video. I’ve stood out all of my life, why would I choose the most important day of my life to blend in?

A few weeks before our wedding, I got a call from my traditional, old school, no nonsense, strict, firefighter dad. “A pink suit! Are you kidding me? Look, I know you’re a big music artist, and you like to dress different, but you’re going to look back on your wedding photos and say why the hell did I wear a pink suit? Besides, people are going to talk about you! Is that what you want?”

On my wedding day he confessed that I looked sharper than any groom in any wedding he’s ever been to. In fact, most everyone at the wedding said the same! The European style fit was beautiful and the color made me look like a millionaire.”

“On my wedding day he confessed that I looked sharper than any groom in any wedding he’s ever been to.”


“Me misplacing my wedding vows right as we were about to leave the hotel room. We searched 30 minutes for them and nearly missed our shuttle time to the wedding venue. My dad told me before we left to lock up ‘everything important’ into the safe. Absentmindedly, I must have thought ‘Well, wedding vows are important. Let’s lock them into the safe right as we are leaving and completely not even realize I’m putting them there.’ Of course we found them locked up in the safe. (The wedding vows were absolutely beautiful btw and made everyone cry.)”

The Outfits

Dress by Kinsley James.
Suit by The Black Tux.


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Photographer: Brandon Bibbins; Wedding Planner, Florist: Michael Moody; Venue, Caterer: Brookside Golf & Country Club; Baker: Top Tier Treats; Videographer: Cevana Palmer; DJ: DJ Mike-nificent.

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