Men’s Summer Wedding Attire for 2019

We’ve got the goods on the most popular casual wedding attire for men, and the wedding suits trending in 2019, to help you decide what to wear to a summer wedding this year.

The Black Tux Mens Summer Wedding Attire Guide for 2019

This summer wedding attire guide is technically for everyone—from groom to grandpa to guest. Everyone should give their look the consideration that a wedding deserves. But mostly, it’s for all the couples out there trying to choose a wedding outfit that will be heavily featured in roughly six thousand of the most important photos they’ll ever be in. We see you, grooms.

Whoever you are, you obviously need a summer wedding suit. Let’s bring you up to speed on the men’s wedding trends 2019 has in store, the most popular and current men’s wedding attire ideas, and how these looks might fit your spring or summer wedding.

Table of Contents

i. Most Popular Wedding Suits for 2019
ii. Trending Wedding Suits for 2019
iii. Wedding Attire for Groomsmen
iv. How to Use Your Wedding Colors

i. The Most Popular Spring / Summer Wedding Suits of 2019

If you’re getting married, you probably want everything to be perfect. In a perfect suit-opia, your summer wedding attire would be an extension of you and your partner—your essence. That sounds amazing, and it is an attainable goal… but maybe you just want to look perfect? No shame there. Certain suits get the nod for a high percentage of grooms year after year, and for good reason. The most popular summer wedding suits work well with a variety of colors, and more often than not, have a classic color and style that helps everyone look their best.

Customers wearing one of the most popular summer wedding suits, the grey suit.
Photography by: @hilarycampbellphoto, @hannah.gamble.higgins

The Grey Suit

The grey suit is the most popular option for spring and summer wedding attire this year, and it’s pretty obvious why: grey effortlessly complements every other color on the wheel. It’s not too flashy—the sedan of suits, if you will—and that’s perfect for a lot of grooms. That doesn’t mean it’s “the boring summer wedding suit” choice; a tame grey base means you can get a little crazy with your accessories if you want. I’m looking at you, unexpectedly fun engaged accountant.

Not only does a grey suit work with the full spectrum, but it’s a good choice for virtually every wedding theme, from boho to beach. Grey can also go head to head with the sun and win—especially a light grey suit. If you have an outdoor wedding, that’s good news. Sweaty grooms aren’t always avoidable, but the relatively light color of a grey suit can do a lot to help the situation on a sunny, sultry afternoon.

Customers wearing popular casual mens wedding attire favorite, the blue suit.
Photography by: @emmastud, @shannonleemiller_, @nataliebrayphoto

The Blue Suit

If navy is a conservative but reliable casual wedding attire option, the true blue suit is a modern choice that has blown up over the past two years. At first glance, you might assume blue is limiting, or trickier to pair with certain wedding colors than a neutral grey suit. What a blue suit does best is match the intensity of a brighter wedding color, which can actually tone down that neon bow tie you’re actually going to wear (don’t). If you’re worried about wearing an heirloom black bow tie and black shoes, this rich blue fabric can actually make black fabric punchier, and blue obviously works just as well with brown footwear as a pair of black loafers.

Neckwear & Accessories: Silk

Think of a hypothetical tie. Odds are you’re picturing one made of silk. Despite the luxe-but-delicate look of silk fabric, it’s a very durable material, and it lets go of wrinkles like grown men (should) let go of meaningless insults. These qualities have given silk ties a universal popularity, and perhaps an invite to your wedding. Plus, silk is made by worms! Nothing else at your wedding will be made by worms, guaranteed.

Solid-color silk ties will never fail you, but if you want to make things interesting, consider one with a floral motif—a big wedding trend for men’s neckwear in 2019, and a smart way to stand out in that classic blue or grey suit we just hyped.

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ii. Spring / Summer Wedding Suit Trends for 2019

If wearing an outdated suit is your greatest fear (aside from sinkholes, they’re so unpredictable), it might help to get familiar with the men’s wedding attire that’s trending for 2019. Do we think you should chase every trend? Definitely not. Unless the stars align this year, current trends might not match up with your style or your personality. If 2019’s summer wedding suit trends speak to you, run with ‘em. Otherwise, take the looks you like and leave the rest.

Tan suits are on trend for grooms with summer weddings.
Photography by: @wildloveweddings, @maddieperry123, @bri.dietz

The Tan Suit

The tan suit can take you from the gazebo in your in-law’s back yard to a damn mountain top ceremony without skipping a beat, and conveniently, it’s also trending for 2019. Tan’s earthy, neutral tones play nice with any color—even the bright wedding colors that are popular this year. And while tuxedos are the gold standard for formal weddings, tan suits are a nice change of pace for casual vows. That means in a sea of black and white weddings, yours will stand out.

One of the wedding attire ideas for 2019, the rose suit.
Photography by: @flashbibbs, @villa_de_rosa

Bold, Solid Colors

If you pay attention to awards shows at all, they’re a pretty good barometer of where men’s fashion and formalwear is heading. For the guy with confidence, there’s no reason not to display that aplomb with a unique, colorful suit, because colorful outfits are on-trend. These options tend to be on the more formal end summer wedding attire, but not as formal as a black tuxedo.

Exhibit A: this rose suit. It obviously stands out, and nobody could call it traditional, but what better time to start your own traditions than your wedding day? If a full emerald or rose suit is too much for you to handle (you can do it), a dinner jacket outfit might return balance to your force. They match an interesting, often colorful jacket with black pants for a unique look that’s easy to navigate.

Neckwear & Accessories: Knits & Linens

Don’t nitpick our knit picks, because they’re going to take over in 2019. There’s something sophisticated about a lightweight silk knit tie that adds casual flair to any suit. The slightly chunky texture creates a nice contrast with the wool fabric of any solid suit jacket. Linen—also trending in 2019—does a similar job of creating the subtle textural differences that make your outfit look premeditated. Guilty.

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rose and tan summer wedding attire for men

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iii. Spring / Summer Wedding Attire for Groomsmen in 2019

The longer we do this, the more it seems that choosing wedding suits for groomsmen is the to-do that trips couples up the most—even more than choosing a groom suit. That’s understandable—the Hamlet-esque “to match or not to match” question often feels unanswerable. That’s why it would be difficult to cover so much ground within this guide. We take a deeper dive and offer timeless advice for selecting groomsmen attire in this dedicated post.

Groomsmen Suit Trends for 2019

While weddings have been trending casual lately, this year couples are leaning toward more formal summer wedding suits. That goes for the wedding party, too. A big trend for 2019 is the 3-piece groomsmen suit—a layered, buttoned-up look that can really elevate the vibe of your wedding. When the jackets come off on the dance floor as they always do, a vest will keep the boys looking like men. And they’re not called “groomsboys,” which sounds super weird—they’re called “groomsmen.”

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iv. How to Use Your Wedding Colors in 2019

Your wedding colors can help set the vibe, and provide an anchor for your outfits and decor. We aren’t here to help you choose your wedding colors—from invites to centerpieces, those impact a lot—but we do have some thoughts about how to use those colors when deciding on summer wedding suits and attire.

Don’t Match—Coordinate.

If you take nothing else away from this guide, please don’t repeat the mistake so many of us made at prom. There is no reason the groomsmen attire must perfectly match with any dresses the wedding party is wearing, and honestly, they don’t need to match the groom perfectly either. Instead, look for colors that coordinate and complement one-another well. Get a few of your wedding colors involved if you feel the urge.

This is especially true when men are wearing suits that aren’t black. The exact suit colors we mentioned above—tan, grey, and blue—may not show up on your list of wedding colors, but there’s a good chance they’ll complement those colors. Treat the rest of your wedding attire with the same independence, and don’t sacrifice your personal style for “lavender color #000745” or something.

v. Better Suits for Summer Weddings in 2019

Choosing summer wedding attire doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer, and neither should the size of the suit you wear for your wedding. The way your suit fits affects the way you look, the way you feel, and the way you remember your wedding day. That’s why we design modern wedding suits, made with the finest fabrics for a better fit. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. That’s why we offer a free home try-on, so you can try one of our suits in your home, months before your wedding.

Looking for that personal touch? Book an appointment at one of our showrooms across the country to get style advice, see our collection in person, and get fitted for your summer wedding suit.