Introducing Party-Ready: Our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

When we started designing our new Fall/Winter collection, we knew we wanted to not just capture a season, but a whole vibe. And for us, the end of the year is all about one thing: parties.

Blue Shawl Tuxedo

Between all the Fall and Winter weddings invites, a bajillion holiday parties to attend, and New Year’s Eve, the weather may be cooling down, but our social lives are on fire. And if the end of the year is about parties, parties are about making an entrance, standing out, and—most of all—having (sometimes a little too much) fun. We put all that festive energy (minus the hangover) into our new collection, and dubbed it “Party-Ready,” because that’s what it is. We’re pretty excited about it.

Our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection was built on a palette of rich color and materials of plush textures. Jewel tones like ruby, emerald, and cobalt are interpreted through touch-finished fabrics like flannel, corduroy and velvet. These colors and materials were sourced from European textiles traditionally found in suiting, and the designs are a nod to the menswear that populates London’s famous sartorial districts—Jermyn St. and Savile Row.
– Brice Pattison, Collection Designer

Inspired by the relationships between texture, feel, and rich color, we built the collection around statement-making looks that not only catch eyes from across a room, but have lots of surprising details up close.

We opted for plush fabrics like velvet, thick 8 wale corduroy, and textured flannel because they’re appropriate for the season—but also because they’re fun, and it’s impossible to not be the life of the party while wearing them.

Clockwise: Black Cord Tuxedo, Blue Shawl Tuxedo, Emerald Tuxedo, Grey Bound Tuxedo, Grey Melange Tuxedo, Ruby Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

A jewel-toned color palette brings a richness to the collection that is perfect for Fall and Winter, but also lets you stand out from the sea of black tuxedos on the dance floor.

If head-to-toe color or pattern feels too bold for you, wearing just the jacket with black tuxedo pants can be a perfect middle ground.

Process and inspiration for the Party-Ready Collection.

We wanted the collection to feel both timeless and now, so we borrowed details from classic American and British jacket styles—like Ivy league club jackets, velvet smoking jackets, and corduroy blazers—and modernized them them for today’s fashionable party-goers.

We looked to some of our favorite style icons for inspiration—like James Brown, who was never afraid to take a fashion risks, and sure knew how to fire up any party with those dance moves.

Are you ready to party? Check out our full Fall/Winter 2017 collection here.