Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Guide

Get tips for creating daytime and evening semi-formal wedding attire looks, and learn how to use a semi-formal dress code for your wedding.

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Semi-formal attire is, well, somewhat formal. Men are expected to wear an outfit that’s appropriate for the time of day of the wedding. In that way, the semi-formal dress code is smart wedding attire wording for couples who want to offer guests some outfit guidance while allowing them the flexibility of choosing their own “version” of semi-formal wedding attire.


You’ll need to wear a suit and tie—it’s still a formal-ish wedding dress code. However, daytime weddings call for casual suit colors—light grey, tan, and blue—and more freedom to wear bright or colorful accessories. If the wedding is planned for late in the day or early evening, a darker suit with simple accessories is the right move.

Whether you’re a guest, groom, or the best man, you can show a lot of personality while following this dress code—and we’ll show you how, whether the wedding is in the daytime or the evening.

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Semi-Formal Wedding Attire for Grooms
Semi-Formal Wedding Attire for Wedding Parties
Semi-Formal Wedding Attire for Guests

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire
for Grooms

The groom shouldn’t feel limited to a simple suit on their wedding day, and the options below infuse more color into the groom’s outfit. But the more colorful the suit, the more subtle the accessories should be.


This emerald suit could work well for both day and evening weddings, but a little daylight really makes this suit color pop. The brown leather shoes and gold accessories bring visual warmth to the look. Pair it all with our wedding party outfit recommendation (below) for a coordinated effort that lets the groom shine.

green suit semi-formal wedding attire for grooms
Emerald Suit, Fly-Front Shirt
Gold Tie Clip, Brown Leather Shoes, Gold Knot Cufflinks
Navy & White Seersucker Tie


Paired with black leather shoes and black silk pocket square, the fabric of this blue suit actually looks more vibrant. For contrast, pair with a streamlined fly-front shirt and classic ivory bow tie (because there’s nothing wrong with the groom out-dressing everyone else).

blue suit semi-formal attire for grooms
Blue Suit
black and white semi-formal wedding attire accessories
Fly-Front Shirt, Black Pin Dot Pocket Square, Ivory Textured Bow Tie
Black Leather Wood Sole Shoes

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Semi-Formal Wedding Attire
for Wedding Parties

Some couples like to use wedding colors in their groomsmen outfits, and some prefer a classic color scheme that’s agnostic of those colors. We have semi-formal attire recommendations that cover each approach below.


A light grey suit is a breezy choice that won’t draw too much attention away from the groom, but can complement any color. The groomsmen ties are a traditional place to highlight one of your wedding colors, but be careful not to match too perfectly with their pocket squares. Skip the belt and keep those pants exactly where they belong with suspenders.

light grey suit for semi-formal dress code
Light Grey Suit, Brown Leather Shoes
White Dress Shirt, Olive Silk Necktie, Button Suspenders
Circles Pocket Square


If you’d rather leave the color to the groom, a navy suit is the perfect formal evening look for your wedding party. Keep the look tidy with a matching navy vest, black and white accessories, and black dress shoes (trust us—black looks great with navy).

navy blue suit evening look for groomsmen
Navy Suit, White Dress Shirt
semi-formal accessories for evening events
Black Leather Shoes, White Pocket Square, Navy Vest
Black Pin Dot Necktie

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Semi-Formal Wedding Attire
for Guests

Guests can be a little more playful with their attire, so be sure to make the most of a semi-formal wedding dress code. Don’t be afraid to pass on a white dress shirt in favor of a more colorful option.


Tan suits aren’t as common as a full wedding party look, so you don’t have to worry about crowding the crew when suiting up as a wedding guest. Black and white accessories are an unexpected choice with tan (that’s good), and work very well paired with a light blue shirt.

tan suit for semi-formal wedding attire
Tan Suit
accessories for daytime wedding guest
Linen Shoestring Pocket Square, Black Linen Necktie, Black Leather Wood Sole Shoes
blue dress shirt
Blue Dress Shirt


You don’t need to go all the way to the dark side to look right for an evening semi-formal wedding. Leave navy and charcoal to the wedding party and opt for a medium grey suit. Make it colorful with a monochromatic look in pink and burgundy, and use pattern to avoid your accessories looking too planned. Add dancing shoes and you’re set.

grey slim fit suit
Grey Suit
red and pink semi-formal wedding attire accessories
Burgundy Knit Necktie, Pink Dress Shirt, Ruby Polka Dot Pocket Square
dark brown suede shoes for semi-formal attire weddings
Brown Suede Shoes

The Right Fit for Your Wedding

Understanding the semi-formal dress code can help you choose the right wedding outfit, but the suit you choose needs to actually fit you, too. That’s why we design modern suits and tuxedos with a better fit, and make it easy for everyone to arrive looking their best on the big day.

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