The Top Wedding Movies Across the U.S.

We all have our guilty pleasures—lotto scratchers, chicken nuggets which may or may not contain chicken, and the original soundtrack to Lilo And Stitch, to name a few.

Most Popular Wedding Movies in Each State

But let’s be honest, everyone loves a good big screen romance. Give us the cheesiness, the over-the-top weddings, and the unrealistic expectations—to quote Blaque, “oh baby, bring it all to me.” Here at The Black Tux, there’s no denying our fascination with wedding movies (we’re the people that assembled a comprehensive ranking of our 100 faves). What better way to kick off wedding season than indulging in some of your favorites?

While scrolling through Netflix recently, trying (and failing) to select a wedding flick to watch, we found ourselves wondering which wedding-themed movies are the most popular across the U.S. In the spirit of wedding season, we decided to do some research and find out. Read on to find out which wedding movie your state loves the most.

Table of Contents

i. The Top Searched-For Wedding Movie in Every State
ii. The Top Searched-For Wedding Movies in the U.S.
iii. Methodology
iv. Wrap-Up

i. The Top Searched-For Wedding Movie in Every State

It turns out the citizens of Alabama are loyal to their state, with the top-searched wedding movie being Sweet Home Alabama. Furthermore, those from Vermont, Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts all have the same taste in movies, with Love Actually topping the list in all three. Few states shared the same favorite wedding movie like these three.

The Top Searched Wedding Movie in Every State

However, it seems that Seattleites don’t want you to forget one of the best love stories of all time—Sleepless in Seattle is the state of Washington’s top-searched film.

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ii. Top Searched-For Wedding Movies in the U.S.

Once we determined the favorite movies in each state, we wanted to know which films Americans generally enjoy the most. The films that bind us, if you will. Sleepless In Seattle? America said, “Thanks, but no Hanks.”

The top searched-for movie in the U.S. is Love Actually (3 states), followed by Jumping the Broom (2), Love, Wedding, Marriage (2), and Sixteen Candles (2). Most states have a unique interest when it comes to wedding films—all others on our list were the top choice in just one state.

The Top Searched-For Wedding Movies in the US

We also took a gander at regional favorites. Sixteen Candles won the hearts of the Midwest, while the Northeast actually loves Love Actually. Jumping the Broom has the people of the South jumping for joy, while states in the West couldn’t agree on a top choice overall for the region.

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iii. Methodology

First, we built a comprehensive list of the most well-known wedding movies from “best of” lists on sites like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and our own ranking list. Next, we used Google Trends to look at search data by state from March 2018 through March 2019 to determine which wedding movie was the most searched in each state in the last 12 months.

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iv. Wrap Up

Planning a wedding can be stressful, from finding the perfect dress to booking the best venue. That’s why we make outfitting your wedding party simple and stress-free. So queue up a wedding movie, grab a 40-piece nugget with at least three dipping sauces, and browse our collection to find the right looks for your wedding.