10 Bold Celebrity Wedding Outfits

Like it or not, celebrities have a big influence on culture and style. Their daily choices are held under a microscope, and that pressure can yield both positive and negative results.

Everyone has an off day now and then, but even celebs understand that they only have one chance to get their wedding outfit right. About as often as they succeed in making a bold statement, they fail. Either way you win, because you can learn from both their hits and their misses, and apply them to your own wedding style.

Ozzy Osbourne & Sharon Arden
July 4, 1982

This guy’s been called “the Prince of Darkness” and “the Godfather of Heavy Metal,” so forgive me if I don’t buy what he’s selling in this wedding suit. Being generous, I’d give him “the Cool Uncle of mellow ukulele.”

Either way, that lavender dress shirt and tiny white bow tie are working in his favor, and the greenery adds a laid-back vibe that feels right for the tropical locale. There’s absolutely nothing here to suggest this is the same guy who chomped a bat’s head off less than six months earlier. That’s probably a positive thing on the wedding day.

Pharrell Williams & Helen Lasichanh
October 12, 2013

Helen is probably making that face because this grainy-ass image was snapped by the paparazzi, which is annoying. We have to assume her mood improves, however, because just look at how her soon-to-be hubs is absolutely murdering this tartan tuxedo.

The key to this look is balance‚ÄĒPharrell couldn’t wear that tux if his bride weren’t also rocking a bold pattern. Don’t outshine the bride‚ÄĒreflect her light… or something.

David Bowie & Iman
April 24, 1992

“David Bowie is a style icon,” you say. “How is this look ‘bold?'” you ask. Consider that David Bowie spent a sizable chunk of his career wearing this:

David Bowie swerved hard for his wedding, but like… if you’re driving on the sidewalk and swerve back¬†onto the street. We expected all the fashions, but he gave us the elegance and grace of a classic black tuxedo. Instead of bending to expectation, he set his own. That’s bold.

George Takei & Brad Altman
September 14, 2008

One white dinner jacket tux was already a risky move in 2008‚ÄĒthe look was still a bit of a throwback at the time. But matching double DJs? To borrow a phrase, “Oh my.”

The key to this look is a carefully chosen boutonnière, and the canary yellow pops nicely off their lapels.

Victoria Adams & David Beckham
July 4, 1999

My main problem isn’t the violet ocular assault the Beckhams are subjecting their guests to. It isn’t even the way David has popped his shirt collar out over his jacket lapels like he’s Elvis. No, my biggest issue is that baby’s hat. Just, why. He looks like James Caan in El Dorado‚ÄĒyou know, the one where his character is ridiculed for his hat.

To be fair, this is the outfit they wore to their reception. But I almost prefer this look to David’s wedding outfit. Man, the 90’s were ruthless. Thankfully, the Beckhams have learned from the past, and are now some of the best-dressed celebs out there.

Burton and Taylor at wedding.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton
March 15, 1964

Burton and Taylor were married and divorced twice, but they looked damn good doing it. Despite being one of the highest paid actors of the era and a star in his own right, Burton let Elizabeth Taylor shine on their (first) big day, opting for a low-key navy suit. Wise.

We like the tie pin, and silk is a refined choice for a pocket square on your wedding day, even if his is a little too perfectly matched to his tie. And the way his boutonni√®re gives a¬† nod to Liz’s sunny outfit is just the right amount of coordination.

Rod Stewart & Alana Hamilton
April 6, 1979

C’mon, Rod, what did I just say about Richard Burton letting his bride take the lead? Honestly, we should just be glad the Rodfather didn’t rock some tiger print spandex at his wedding.

Though I would actually yell at you if you told me you were going to wear a double-breasted linen tan suit¬†and¬†a scarf with extra fringe for your wedding, he’s wearing the hell out of that get-up. Texture for the win.

Mick Jagger and Bianca Macias
May 12, 1971

Mick Jagger really tried to make this about him (cool lapel pin on jumbo lapels, 3-piece with sneakers), but May 12, 1971, will always be known for Bianca’s iconic women’s tuxedo¬†(made by YSL).


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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz
July 31, 2010

Ryan Gosling gets all the cred for bringing the ruffled shirt back to the future, but Swizz Beatz um… beatz him to it by a solid 6 years, and wore it to his wedding, no less. He was marrying the Alicia Keys, so that’s sort of a red carpet affair, but look at the color:

I’ll go ahead and recommend you not try this at home, but you may (and should) continue to admire from afar.

Yoko Ono & John Lennon
March 20, 1969

You might’ve heard “The Ballad of John And Yoko,”¬†and if so, you know the story of their wedding. But it’s easy to miss these outfits while you’re grooving to the tune. John is wearing a pre-normcore look straight out of the¬†Seinfeld archives, while Yoko approaches peak Yokoness in a mini skirt, wide brimmed hat, knee-high socks and sneakers to match John’s.

But really, why not wear this to your wedding if it’s what you want? We obviously love a good suit, but I’d take John and Yoko’s outfits over the Grimace-chic look of the Posh Spices any day.


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