Groomsmen Suit Ideas & Styles

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy to make choosing the groomsmen suit an afterthought. But even with a small wedding party, that groomsmen tux will have a big impact on the look and feel of your big day.

Wedding party featuring blue groomsmen suit.

Choosing a groomsmen tuxedo doesn’t have to be the first—or most difficult—part of your wedding planning process. And if you do it right, you won’t have to think about the groomsmen suit again until the best man has lost his tux shirt at the afterparty. We’ll show you how to make them look right without the drama.

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Groomsmen Suit FAQ

By Wedding Style
Formal Ideas
Casual Suits
Fashion-Forward Suits and Tuxedos

By Season
Spring and Summer Suits
Fall Suits
Winter Suits

Groomsmen Suit FAQ

Q: Does the groomsmen suit have to match the groom’s suit or tuxedo?
A: No, but try to keep the outfits in the same “formality” ballpark. That is, if the groom’s wearing a suit, his groomsmen would steal his thunder if they were all wearing a tux. The suits or tuxedos can be different styles, but the outfits will make more sense together if they’re either all suits or all tuxedos.

Q: Should the groomsmen outfits match the bridesmaids’ outfits?
A: The short answer is: no. When the outfits match too perfectly, the result is a very ’80s-’90s prom vibe. If your wedding theme is Saved By the Bell, you can ignore this advice (and also, cool). Otherwise, coordinating colors is a better idea. Work your wedding colors into the outfits in low-key ways that complement each other.

Q: Does each groomsmen suit have to be exactly the same?
A: Not exactly the same, but there should be a common thread—if that’s not clear enough, we’ll help you pun-derstand with a few examples. Say you want your groomsmen to wear black ties with or without a pattern. They could wear a polka dot necktie, a pin dot bow tie, a striped necktie or bow tie, or a solid black tie, giving each outfit its own style.

When it comes to the actual suit, creating that variety is usually too complicated to justify. One simple variation: add a vest to some of the groomsmen suits. A riskier move is dressing groomsmen in 2 or 3 shades of the same color: navy and blue suits, or grey, charcoal, and light grey suits. However, getting the balance right is difficult, even when you’re working within one color family.

Q: There are too many groomsmen tux and suit options. Where do I start?
A: It helps if you already know what the groom will wear, but if you haven’t decided yet, use the season or your wedding style to help you choose the groomsmen suit. Read on for our recommendations for each.

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Groomsmen Suit Ideas by Wedding Style

Some weddings have a specific theme (rustic/barn, nautical, etc.), but virtually every wedding (including yours) falls into one of three style categories: formal, casual, or trendy and fashion-forward. You’ve made it this far into your wedding planning that you’re picking out a groomsmen suit, so you probably already have a good idea of where your wedding vibe is heading. Below you’ll find inspiration and advice for each wedding style.

Formal Groomsmen Suit and Tux Ideas
The tuxedo is basically the mascot of men’s formal wear, and choosing a tux for your groomsmen is sort of a no-brainer if you’re planning a formal (possibly traditional) wedding. But that doesn’t mean everyone should phone it in with the first, most obvious option.

Black peak lapel tuxedo and black shawl collar tuxedo.

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Black peak and shawl collar tuxedos are the classic, and because of their single-button closure, the most formal choice for groomsmen (short of full-blown tailcoats). The later in the day your wedding starts, the better this option becomes.

Midnight blue groomsmen tux.

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Treat midnight blue just like you would a black tuxedo. Midnight blue tuxedos have been popping up on the red carpet over the past few years, but they’re more than just a trend—they’re the original sub for the black tux, and even better for groomsmen if blue is one of your wedding colors.

White dinner jacket groomsmen tuxedo.

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When it’s balmy, or if you’re tying the knot earlier in the day, a white dinner jacket tux is another formal option that will make your groomsmen look great and keep them dry. This is best for smaller wedding parties, because whenever I see 8 guys lined up in white jackets, I want to order a round of apps for the table. Maybe that’s just me.

Formal Groomsmen Suit Accessories

Formal groomsmen outfit accessories.

Simple accessories (black and white) are best for a formal groomsmen tux, with a crisp white dress shirt and black patent leather shoes to keep the look minimal and elegant. We recommend a bow tie with one of these looks, with a black and/or white pocket square.

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Casual Groomsmen Suit Ideas
If dressing to the nines means “full tuxedo,” and dressing to the ones means “Batman pajama-jumpsuit,” then try to dress your groomsmen to the sixes or sevens, in the perfect casual groomsmen suit. Now, there’s the high end of casual and the relaxed end of casual. We’ll help you navigate both (and more!) and choose the right fit for your wedding.

Navy suit and Charcoal suit.

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Darker suits in navy and charcoal are the most dressed-up suiting options, so this is the right choice if you want a traditional/formal look, but not tux-level formal. And unlike that formal tuxedo, you have more wiggle room with details like the shoes, shirt, or tie style.

Grey suit and Blue suit rentals for groomsmen.

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A medium grey suit is like a blank canvas. It can handle anything you throw at it, and it’ll ask for more. That’s a valuable quality in a groomsman suit (and also, just a groomsman). A vibrant, true blue suit is just a little more fun and lively than the darker, more serious navy. Choosing a groomsmen suit in one of these slightly lighter tones may not sound like a big change, but with a line of them flanking the groom, you’ll appreciate the difference it can make.

Tan suit and light grey suit.

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Tan and light grey suits are versatile. They give any look a relaxed quality, which is why they fit well at the most casual beach weddings, but these suits are definitely not limited to the sand and surf. If you could describe your wedding vibe as “whimsical,” the light grey suit is for you and also, how much does it cost to rent a hot air balloon?

Casual Groomsmen Suit Accessories

Casual groomsmen outfit accessories.

Punch up any solid-color groomsmen suit with low-key pattern and color in the accessories. You can also work texture into the outfit with a pair of brown suede shoes or a knit tie. Having trouble picking out a tie and pocket square combo? One shortcut is to coordinate in the same color family without matching the tie and pocket square perfectly.

Fashion-Forward Groomsmen Tux Ideas
Your wedding is going to have everything: Freaks, a cat from a bodega, freezing cold air, Furbies, and an old lady wearing Kid ‘N Play hair. So it’s understandable that the standard black tuxedo just won’t cut it for your groomsmen. At the same time, the groomsmen suit should still leave some room for the groom to flex. Here are a few of our favorite fashion-forward looks.

Midnight blue pin dot tuxedo.

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The more traditional midnight blue tuxedo is interesting in a low-key way, but for a little extra flair, try this deep blue dinner jacket look with a simple pin dot pattern.

Rose pink dinner jacket tuxedo.

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This look leads with a bold rose jacket, which leaves the door open for the groom to keep his look classic for a big impact.

Gingham pattern dinner jacket tuxedo.

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The restrained palette and gingham check pattern of this dinner jacket groomsmen tux coordinates well with any groom or bridesmaid outfit.

Notch lapel tuxedo rental for grooms and groomsmen.

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While this tux might look the part of the traditional groomsmen outfit, it can definitely be edgy. The notch lapel tuxedo is the least formal of the classic three, making it easier to rock a necktie, a black tuxedo shirt, or no tie.

Fashion-Forward Groomsmen Suit Accessories

Fashion and stylish groomsmen tux accessories.

Your goal should be an unexpected groomsmen outfit, not a distracting one, and the accessories you choose will make all the difference. If your groomsmen are already wearing a unique dinner jacket, your best bet is to keep the accessories black and white. Look for patterned bow ties or neckties, funky pocket square prints, and dance floor-ready loafers (after all, dancing is one of the groomsmen’s most important jobs).

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Groomsmen Suit Ideas by Season

Two highly underrated aspects of menswear are color and texture, and when you’re using seasonality to choose groomsmen suits and tuxedos, you’ll need to harness both. Follow the season’s lead to choose between a bold and bright or subdued palette, decide if the time is right for a crisp, lighter look, or know when it’s time to pull out the heavier fabrics.

Spring & Summer Groomsmen Suit Ideas
Spring is a wiley mistress (or mister, #feminism), but it’s rarely so eff-this cold that you’ll regret choosing a light-colored groomsmen suit. But summer? Don’t get me started on summer. Unless you want every groomsmen to unfriend you immediately following the reception, do them a favor—go with a light suit color. This advice also applies to weddings in tropical climates.

Spring and summer groomsmen suit ideas.

Grey, light grey, and blue are great suit color choices for both spring and summer, while a tan suit is a classic summer move for groomsmen.

Chambray tuxedo, the perfect summer groomsmen tuxedo idea.

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Aiming for a slightly more formal wedding party look? A chambray tuxedo side-steps the summer sun magnet of a traditional black tuxedo; the perfect color for an outdoor summer wedding.

Spring & Summer Groomsmen Suit Accessories

Spring summer suit accessories for wedding party.

“Light” is the name of the game, and that also applies to accessories. Spring and summer months are prime-time for linen, seersucker, and all varieties of cotton. And if you love bright colors, you’ll be glad you’re getting hitched in warm weather. Go ahead, peacock it up with a pink shirt or pocket square. A black leather shoe will contrast nicely with any of the suits above, but try this style with a wood sole in the summer.

Fall Groomsmen Suit and Tuxedo Ideas
With temps ranging from zero to everything, fall can make your teeth chatter in the A.M. and grown men cry in the sweltering afternoon. An easy solution is layering, which means your groomsmen suit should include a vest—even if the groomsmen never put the thing on. Make it optional. If it’s hot, they can lose it. If it’s cold, they’re covered.

Grey suit with vest for wedding party.

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The best option for unpredictable weather is the grey suit, and as we mentioned above, it’s versatile. Dressed up, dressed down, vest or no vest, you can build out a groomsmen outfit for any wedding with a medium grey suit.

Blue groomsmen suit.

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Navy suits work well in the fall, too, but a brighter blue suit won’t absorb as much heat and still holds up for chilly weather. Like we said in the FAQ, a navy suit for the groom with blue groomsmen suits is a good look (or vice versa).

White dinner jacket tuxedo and vest.

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Midnight blue shawl collar tuxedo with vest.

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For formal autumn weddings, consider a midnight blue tuxedo or white dinner jacket tux for your groomsmen. We especially like this contrast shawl jacket option. Either way, you avoid the heat magnet of a black tux. Plus, both of these groomsmen tuxedos can be worn with a hidden vest that only appears once the fellas hit the dance floor.

Fall Groomsmen Suit Accessories

Fall autumn groomsmen suit accessories.

Mother nature will have color covered in the autumn (thanks, Mom), so either harmonize with those hues—with brown leather shoes, or maybe a red wool tie—or go neutral for the groomsmen suit accessories—try a light blue shirt, a grey flannel bow tie, or a white shoestring pocket square. And don’t forget the cufflinks.

Winter Groomsmen Suit and Tuxedo Ideas
With so many suit and tuxedo options for winter weddings, your groomsmen should only get a cold shoulder if they forget your wedding gift. Winter weddings tend to be a little more formal to begin with (think New Year’s Eve), but not all of our recommendations are black. ‘Tis the season for tartan, velvet, and corduroy.

Winter wedding party tuxedos.

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If the rich ruby velvet works with your wedding colors, this is a great example of working with both season and wedding style (trendy). If not, you can still deck the groomsmen with the plush texture of a corduroy dinner jacket. The wool tuxedo pants give the look some variety and break up the black on black.

Black watch tartan tuxedo and dinner jacket tux.

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This traditional tartan pattern is specifically great from late November through December, and brings a lot of visual warmth to your wedding party. The dinner jacket style is a safe bet for groomsmen outfits, or be bold and go full tartan.

Simple grey and black tuxedos.

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Designed with fine merino wool, a grosgrain ribbon edging the jacket, and a wide grosgrain stripe down the legs of the pants, this is a seriously versatile tuxedo—it’s notch lapel means you can dress your groomsmen up or down, no problem. Plus, it comes in grey, which works with everything.

Winter Groomsmen Tux Accessories

Winter groomsmen tux accessories ideas.

The holidays shouldn’t dictate your winter wedding color palate, but if they happen to align, don’t fight it. A velvet bow tie or velvet slip-on shoe will give your groomsmen outfit the heavier texture a winter wedding demands, or add a tartan pocket square to an otherwise formal look for festive vibes. Red overkill? Try this pattern instead.

Final piece of advice: Don’t fear the ruffle.

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Bonus: How to Choose a Groomsmen Suit When You Live in Different Places

In the past, choosing a groomsmen suit was only half the battle. We all have friends that are genuinely good people, but are the worst-ever at taking care of simple tasks and managing time. If you ask them to get measured for a groomsmen tux, you might as well be asking them to explain String theory.

That’s why we simplified the process of renting suits to be hassle-free. The days of begging your friends to get their measurements taken are over. Done. Instead, we use sizing technology to fit groomsmen without a trip to the tux shop. You can assign outfits, check on their order status, and manage your wedding party’s outfits entirely online. And instead of asking groomsmen to pick up their tux days before your wedding (seriously?), we send their suits early to make sure the fit is just right.

Like the idea of visiting a store to get fit? Book an appointment at one of our 300+ showrooms. Either way, if you’re looking for groomsmen suits without the typical pre-wedding stress, get started here.