Blue Wedding Suits & Blue Groom Tuxedos

With more and more men choosing blue suits for wedding attire, the classic black tux has competition. If you’re thinking of jumping on the blue wedding suit trend, we’ve got you.

Groom wearing blue wedding suit, bride in white.

You’re not limited to suits if you’re looking to go blue, either—a blue wedding tuxedo can elevate your look with a dash of color. But like any suit or tux, context is important, and there’s a lot to consider, even if you’ve already decided on men’s blue wedding suits or a blue tuxedo for you or (if you’re the groom) your wedding party. Read on to get a feel for the blues.

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Blue Wedding Suits
Navy Wedding Suits
Blue Wedding Tuxedos
Blue Wedding Dinner Jackets

Blue Wedding Suits

Of all the “standard” suit colors—grey, charcoal, black, etc.—blue’s the hue with the most charisma. It’s bold, because it doesn’t casually blend in, but at the same time, you’re demanding attention in a casual way. Speaking of casual (the word just lost all meaning), that’s really where a blue suit does its best work: a casual event. For a more formal weddings, you’d be better off with a darker shade. Blue wedding suits are also an ideal choice for daytime weddings, and spring or summer weddings.

Groom dancing with bride in blue wedding suit.

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Incidentally, Madonna’s critically acclaimed album from the summer of 1986, and the top-selling album of that year, was titled True Blue. While that’s not… totally relevant when you’re looking for a suit (don’t forget it when you make a wedding playlist), this blue wedding suit features a true blue color, and it’ll make you a star. You’re all welcome for this vital paragraph.

Blue suit by The Black Tux.
Blue suit fabric.

Blue on blue is a minimal, but effective choice. If your wedding colors aren’t in the blue family, that’s fine—the blue suit can handle just about any stop on the color wheel.

Recommend Accessories for Blue Wedding Suits:

Recommended accessories for blue wedding suits.

From left to right: Navy Pin Dot Silk Tie, Blue Quad Pocket Square, Brown Suede Shoes.

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Navy Wedding Suits

While blue wedding suits are always more casual than tuxedos, the navy suit is about as close to a tux as you’ll get in this crazy, mixed-up suiting world. The navy suit is a great pick for a traditional wedding, weddings in the fall or winter, or any evening wedding. The dark navy fabric gives off a serious vibe, which is especially nice if you’re the groom.

Man in navy suit.

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That doesn’t mean navy has to be boring or stuffy. The great thing about any shade of blue, navy included, is the way it complements the other colors in your outfit and brings them out. A little less contrast, but a lot more support, which can make for some interesting combinations with accessories.

Navy wedding suits for men by The Black Tux.
Navy suit fabric.

The fall and winter are navy’s prime seasons, so shades of brown work nicely, and really pop off the navy suit’s dark fabric.

Recommended Accessories for Navy Wedding Suits:

Recommended accessories for a navy men's wedding suit.

From left to right: Silver Knit Necktie, Brown Quad Pocket Square, Brown Leather Shoes.

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Blue Wedding Tuxedos

When the wedding is formal (check the dress code) and a suit won’t cut it, it’s easy to retreat to the standard black tux. There’s nothing wrong with that, but know that you have options—bold options, like these blue wedding tuxedos in a variety of shades and styles.

Midnight Blue Wedding Tuxedos
The midnight blue wedding tuxedo is smack-dab in the middle of a resurgence that’s been building over the last five years, and some credit lies in its popularity on the red carpet. But you don’t have to be an A-lister to land this look.

Groom in midnight blue wedding tuxedo with bride in white gown.

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Midnight blue is just as formal (and easy to wear) as a black tuxedo, so you’re clear to wear this for a black tie wedding. If you were thinking of wearing a blue, but a blue wedding suit is too casual for the event, a midnight blue tux is a great formal alternative. If you compare the two styles below, you’ll notice only one real difference: the lapels. And really, the choice between the two is just that—a personal style choice.

Two men in midnight blue groom tuxedos.
Midnight blue wedding tux fabric.

The shawl collar lapel (right) is just a little more modern, while the peak lapels (left) are more traditional. If you’re on the shorter side (5’8” or under), go for the peak lapel midnight blue tux. The lapel design will draw the eye upward, making you appear taller. As for your accessories, keep it as traditional as you would a black tux.

Recommended Midnight Blue Wedding Tuxedo Accessories:

Suggested accessories for midnight blue tuxedos.

From left to right: Black Textured Silk Bow Tie, Black Pin Dot Pocket Square, Cap Toe Shoes.

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Blue Wedding Tuxedos
Formal weddings in the spring or summer call for something a little brighter, a little more colorful—a lighter shade of blue. Like the blue wedding suit, this blue shawl wedding tuxedo isn’t quite as traditional. Rather, it was designed to turn heads.

Groom in blue wedding tux.

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If you’re thinking this look isn’t for the faint of heart, you’re right. But wearing a bright blue wedding tux like this is not showboating. Think about it: You’re supposed to be celebrating love at a wedding, and there’s nothing more celebratory than a playful tux like this one.

Two looks of the blue shawl tuxedo by The Black Tux.

Reign in the look with classic tux accessories, or work with subtle patterns—a pin dot bow tie or bold-print pocket square.

Recommended Blue Wedding Tuxedo Accessories:

Accessories for Blue Wedding Tuxedo.

From left to right: Ivory Pin Dot Silk Bow Tie, Leopard Pocket Square, Black Patent Leather Shoes.

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Blue Wedding Dinner Jackets

Whether you’re planning a four course meal with hors d’oeuvres, or you hire your favorite local taco truck to cater your wedding reception, you should still consider a blue dinner jacket look—that is, a tux that matches black tuxedo pants with a blue tuxedo jacket.

The dinner jacket look can sub in for a full matching tuxedo in most situations, so it comes down to which look you prefer—matching or contrasting.

Blue Shawl Jacket Tuxedo
If the full blue shawl tuxedo above was a stretch for your style or personality, you can bring the whole look back down to earth with one simple move: matching the jacket with a pair of classic black tuxedo pants.

Groom in Blue wedding tuxedo jacket.

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This is a smart choice for an outdoor wedding, as you’ll stay cooler in a blue jacket than a full black tux. And if you have blue eyes, fugetaboutit. Those peepers will pop like a bag of Orville Redenbacher’s livelihood. I’m looking at you, Sinatra. (This ends the Dennis Miller portion of our post.)

Two blue tuxedo looks.
Blue Shawl tuxedo fabric.

Black and white accessories really let the jacket drive this look, but if you’d like to sneak in a little color, think about a monochromatic blue bow tie.

Recommended Blue Jacket Tuxedo Accessories:

Recommended accessories for blue dinner jacket tuxedo.

From left to right: Blue Silk Diamond Bow Tie, Linen Shoestring Pocket Square, Black Grosgrain Loafers.

Midnight Pin Dot Tuxedo
This deep blue dinner jacket is a fashion-forward look that still adheres to the traditional tux standards. The colors are serious, but the pin dot pattern gives the outfit a modern vibe.

Man in blue jacket tuxedo with wife. India Earl photography.

Image by India Earl Photography
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The pin dot pattern shows a little personality, but don’t worry about outshining your partner—it’s still a low-key wedding tux, especially when paired with classic tuxedo accessories. In the daytime, you’ll get more color out of the fabric. In the evening, it’ll be difficult to pin (you get it) whether this tux jacket is dark blue or black.

Midnight Pindot Tux fabric.

If staying under the radar with your tie and pocket square sounds too straight-laced, make lace-free moves with your shoe choice. A velvet slipper, perhaps?

Recommended Midnight Pin Dot Tuxedo Accessories:

Midnight Pin Dot Tuxedo accessories for weddings.

From left to right: Black Pin Dot Silk Bow TieWhite Linen Pocket Square, Velvet Slip-On Shoes.

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Bonus: Coordinating With Your Wedding Party

As the groom, you and your partner are co-captains of the wedding party. When you decide you’re rocking a blue suit or tuxedo at the altar (or gazebo, or mountain-top—whatever), you can’t forget about your groomsmen. The wedding party doesn’t have to match tie-for-tie, but it’s still important to coordinate your looks, especially when you’re wearing a bold blue wedding suit.

Usually, that means renting—which usually means wedding photos ruined by baggy, outdated suits that don’t really fit, and headaches for you and your partner as you try to herd your groomsmen into the local tux shop. That’s why we decided to change the way grooms, groomsmen, and everyone involved rents a suit.

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