Groom Suits: Ideas & Inspiration

Running short on groom suit ideas? Let us share a few tips for choosing the foundation of groom outfits: the suit.

Man wearing tan suit, one of the best groom suits, with woman in bridal dress.

If you’ve decided a tuxedo is too formal for the wedding you and your partner are planning, that narrows the field to suits. But don’t settle for the first groom suit you see. Below, we’ll provide the guidance to help you pick the perfect suit for your big day. Get started by choosing a suit color, or the season or vibe—formal or casual—of your wedding, and we’ll show you the best groom suits for your big day.

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Groom Suit Colors
Grey Suits
Blue Suits
Black Suits
Tan Suits

Groom Suits By Season
Spring & Summer
Fall & Winter

Groom Suits By Vibe
Casual Suits
Formal Suits

Grey Groom Suits

Going grey can be a good thing. With endless ways to wear a grey groom suit, it’s a good look no matter the season or time of day of your wedding. The grey suit can hold its own for any wedding dress code (except the really formal ones), but with a little extra attention to detail, you can dial up the perfect shade of grey for your wedding style.

Light Grey Suit
Light grey suits are best for the spring and summer, and a great option for a daytime wedding. The light grey color will keep you cooler than a darker shade, like charcoal. However, light grey is one of the most casual colors for groom outfits, so look for a darker shade if you’re planning a formal wedding.

light grey groom suit

Grey Suit
If you’re outdoorsy, you’ve probably heard of a four season tent. Well, this is the four season tent of groom suits. And like camping, grey is at its best in the fall (with a tiny flask of whiskey). Medium grey suits are all about versatility—they match everything, so you can accessorize a grey suit for a formal wedding and dress it down for a more casual ceremony.

Charcoal Suit
The dark fabric of a charcoal suit means it’s well suited for fall and winter weddings, or any wedding that starts after 4pm (roughly). If that sounds like your wedding, or if you’re leaning toward a formal wedding, this could be the suit for you—charcoal is on the formal end of the color spectrum.

charcoal groom outfits
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You might’ve picked up on the idea that the lighter the color, the more casual the suit. The opposite can also be true: darker suits tend to be more formal. Ultimately, the accessories you choose can dictate formality to an extent, so if your wedding plan is casual, a charcoal suit is still totally fair game.

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Blue Suits for Groom Outfits

Blue or navy groom suits are the best choice for a colorful look. Shades of blue tend to punch up the colors you pair with them, bringing out the best in your tie, pocket square, or even the dress shirt you choose.

Blue Suit
The blue suit is modern and bold—a smart choice for an evening wedding in the spring or summer. In the fall, you can get away with blue during the day, but probably skip the vest—you never know how the temps will look like in late September. This is a casual groom suit, so read on if you’re looking for something formal in the blue family.

Navy Suit
Classic navy groom suits feature a dark fabric that works well for summer and fall evening weddings. You can also wear navy for a daytime wedding in the winter—the darker color is safer on a chilly day than a hot one. Compared other dark-colored suits, navy will soften your look the most by way of its deep blue tones. Dress it up with black and white accessories or a bow tie, or dress it down with a little more color for a casual look.

man wearing navy groom suits

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Black Groom Suits

Black suits are the most formal groom suit option short of a tux—small (but significant) details are all that separate the two. They’re a little harsh for a wedding, which is why we only recommend them for evening or winter weddings. If you decide a black suit is the way you want to go, try to work in a little more color than basic black and white—unless you want a Blues Brothers, Reservoir Dogs vibe.

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Tan Suits for Groom Outfits

The tan suit is relatively casual, so it’s a good bet for daytime. While you wouldn’t choose a tan suit for a formal wedding, a tan groom suit might fit the vibe perfectly for vows on a tropical beach (or in a rustic barn, or at the base of a mountain).

tan suit for grooms

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Spring & Summer Groom Suits

We’re talking flowers and sunshine, people. Spring is all about bright, bold color. Our spring groom suit recommendations fit into this equation in different ways. Summer is a slightly different beast, but the best groom suits for each of these seasons tend to be brighter or lighter in hue.

Blue Suit
This is a colorful suit, which means you can (and probably should) use a little more restraint with your accessories. Pull together a monochromatic look with navy, light blue, and brown, or add a pop of color with a bold necktie on a crisp white dress shirt.

Groom dancing with bride in blue wedding suit.

Light Grey Suit
Looking to pack your look with a lot of color? This is your suit. The light grey fabric provides a blank canvas, and no color family is off-limits. In the spring, pastels are an especially good match for light grey (think pink instead of red, light blue instead of royal).

Men in light grey suit for weddings with bridesmaid in blush dress.

Tan Suit
The tan suit does most of its work during the summer, and it’s practically the unofficial mascot of beach weddings. Tan groom suits bring out the color in your outfit, so go ahead and get crazy with that pocket square, you maniac.

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Fall & Winter Groom Suits

Fall is a tricky season because it’s really anybody’s guess whether your big day will be a scorcher or frosty. If you’re not a meteorologist, mitigate some of this seasonal uncertainty by planning on a vest, and ditch the thing if it’s hot. Winter is simple—just stick to darker colors.

Grey Suit
You could wear a medium grey suit in the spring or summer and look (and feel) great, but this grey works especially well with fall and winter colors and textures, like this knit tie. The grey suit isn’t too dark, so a solid choice for a toasty fall day.

Navy Suit
For fall weddings that start in the evening, navy is the perfect groom suit. In the winter, you can get away with navy’s dark color day or night. It’s a little more formal than a grey suit, but it’s easy to accessorize a navy suit for a low-key look.

Black Suit
We recommend the black suit for chilly months, because it’s unlikely you’re planning an outdoor winter wedding. A full black suit in the dead of summer is a no-go for most of us humans.

We mentioned before that a black suit can look a little harsh in the context of a wedding—that’s true, but it can be done. Soften a black suit’s impact with accessories in muted colors, and even brown shoes.

Charcoal Suit

Tone down the formal feel of a charcoal groom suit by wearing a necktie rather than a bow tie. Oddly enough, adding a vest can make this suit feel a little more approachable. Otherwise, black and white accessories (like a bow tie and pocket square) will bump this suit up into the black tie optional dress code category.

Man in charcoal suit by The Black Tux with bride in white dress.

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Casual Suits for Groom Outfits

If you don’t wear suits often, “casual” and “suit” might seem like opposing universes, like Marvel and DC. The difference between a formal navy suit and a casual blue suit might not be obvious, but it’s actually pretty simple: your groom style should match your wedding style, and certain colors play better depending on whether your wedding is laidback or formal.

Tan Suit
Think beaches, the countryside, the desert—so, casual. In fact, the tan suit was voted most likely to be worn without a tie or socks, according to a fake poll I just made up. (Related: Whether you wear socks or not, always wear shoes to any wedding, but especially your wedding.)

Light Grey Suit
The light grey groom suit is almost as laidback as tan. It’s hard to find a better match for a whimsical spring wedding (if you’re into whimsy). Every color works with the light grey fabric, making it easy to personalize your look. Light grey and tan are both at their best for daytime, warm-weather weddings.

Blue Suit
For a low-effort way to add personality to your look, choose a blue groom suit. The fabric’s rich color complements bold and subtle accessories alike. If you’re aiming for low-key, vary a few shades of blue among your suit, tie, and shirt. The blue suit is ideal for any late afternoon, early evening wedding.

Grey Suit
Probably the surest bet of any casual suit on our list is the grey suit, in a nice medium grey hue. Like light grey, medium grey matches up with whatever color combos you throw at it. Unlike a lighter grey, this grey suit works especially well for casual evening weddings. It’s an understated choice for a groom suit, but that can be a good thing.

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Formal Groom Suits

Maybe you’re planning a traditional wedding with a classic, old-school feel, but you’re not sure a tuxedo will fit your vibe. That’s fine—you can dial in a timeless look by wearing the right suit and accessories.

Grey Suit

Yup, grey can do it all. Take a grey groom suit into formal territory by wearing black shoes and a bow tie, or a necktie and vest. In the context of a formal wedding, grey is a good color for a daytime ceremony—it isn’t too dark (which can get hot), but it’s not a bright (casual) color, either.

Navy Suit
The navy groom suit plays well with color, but if you’re looking for a formal, traditional suit, you’ll keep the color to a minimum anyway. That’s what makes the navy suit such a smart choice: the fabric color keeps a formal look interesting without going too bold—the same reason midnight blue tuxedos are such a popular alternative to the classic black tux.

navy groom suit

Charcoal Suit
This suit provides that serious black and white vibe, but the fabric offers some visual texture that softens the way your whole outfit looks together. Keep playing off that texture with your accessories—try a wool or linen tie rather than silk or satin, or a matte leather lace-up rather than shiny patent leather shoes.

Black Suit
This is as formal as a groom suit gets. The biggest problem with dressing a black groom suit up with formal accessories for a wedding is that you wouldn’t typically use a lot of colorful accessories in a buttoned-up look. But if you’re aiming for a Johnny Cash, Reservoir Dogs, Blues Brothers look, well—bullseye.

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Better Groom Suits

Getting outfitted for your wedding isn’t all about how you look—you should feel good, too. Will you feel confident? Relaxed? Or will you feel jittery in a cheap rental wedding suit that doesn’t really fit?

We agree—renting sucks. That’s why we changed it. We design our suits with a modern fit, and manufacture them in-house with Italian merino wool (the good stuff). In fact, we also offer our suits for purchase—the same suits we rent—because they’re truly that good.

blue groom outfits

We also know it can be tough to coordinate your look with your wedding party, not to mention get them into a tux shop for a fitting—and we make both simple. Just choose outfits and manage your wedding party rentals entirely online, and we’ll help them find their sizes from the comfort of their couch. Win-win.

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