Did Paul F. Tompkins Just Make a Perfect Bow Tie Tutorial?

Tying a bow tie is admittedly hard, but comedian and consummate gentleman Paul F. Tompkins has just made one of the most helpful bow tie tutorials we’ve encountered.

Paul F. Tompkins and The Black Tux have a (very) little bit of history. We wouldn’t call him an adversary—the guy loves his tuxedos, and he’s never not worn a bow tie—but last year he had a bone to pick with us (sort of).

He wasn’t interested in our offer (remember, he owns several tuxedos). And that was fine, we aren’t complaining about free press.

So when we saw this dynamite video, we thought it made sense to give Mr. Tompkins some well-deserved free press of his own. This bow tie tutorial gets it right on every level, but most importantly, he spends plenty of time demystifying the most troublesome step in tying a bow tie.

Is it the best bow tie tutorial ever? That depends on how useful it is to you. Not doing it for you? Check out our round-up of the best how-to’s for tying a bow tie.