How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost?

If you only look at the average tuxedo rental cost, you’ll pay the price. Find out how fabric quality and tuxedo accessories impact tuxedo rental prices.

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Whether you’re planning a wedding (or attending one), or gearing up for a big event like prom, you’re probably trying to stay on budget. Getting an idea of what a tuxedo rental costs can help you plan accordingly. But renter beware: you may be paying the average price for a below average tux.

If you haven’t worn a tuxedo in a while, you might want a refresher on the difference between tuxedos and suits, or what goes into a full tuxedo outfit. Once you’re up to speed, find out how the cost of a tuxedo shakes out below.

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When Does Renting Make Sense?
Basic vs. Premium Tux Rental Prices
Average Tuxedo Rental Cost
Outfit Accessories & Cost Comparison
Will a Tuxedo Rental Look Cheap?

When Does a Tuxedo Rental Make Sense?

Having a hard time deciding whether to rent a tuxedo rather than buy one? Here are a few common situations where a tuxedo rental makes more sense.

You want to wear a bold, unique tuxedo style

Yes, that rose tuxedo looks awesome, and you should wear it to New Year’s, prom, etc. But it’s just not as universally useful as a black tux, so a bold, colorful suit should be less of a priority if you’re looking to invest and buy a tuxedo. Rent it instead.

You need a tuxedo for prom

Your body is going through a lot right now. Either you’re the normal 17-18 year-old person, and you’ve got some growing to do, or you’re already the impossibly tall and athletic version of yourself that you’ll long to be again in your 30’s. Either way, you aren’t going to fit in this tuxedo for long, so renting makes sense.

You rarely need a tux (but do right now)

When’s the last time you wore a tuxedo? Or, how many times do you expect you’ll need a tux in the next few years? We ask because trends and styles change, as do waistlines. A black tuxedo is a good investment if you don’t get too trendy with the fit or design, but for most of us, renting a tux that’s on-trend now (and actually fits today) is a safer bet than those longer odds.

You don’t have room in your budget to buy a tux

Frankly, same. I rent my apartment and my tuxedos. Gig economy, amiright?

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Basic vs. Premium Tuxedo Rental Cost

Most tuxedo rentals prices are similar (see the average tuxedo rental cost below), but typically, you’re getting a fast fashion polyester tux—even if you rent the “designer” option at a markup. If you’re only using this tuxedo for one day, why should you care about quality when you’re renting?

Basically, synthetics like polyester won’t feel as comfortable or fit as well as natural fabrics, like merino wool—the good stuff that we use on all of our suit and tuxedo rentals. Synthetics also look a little stiff in action, and won’t form to your body as well. We’re guessing you aren’t renting this tuxedo to look “so-so” or feel awkward.

More likely, you’re renting for a big, heavily photographed day—prom, your wedding, your friend’s wedding, or another type of celebration. You want to look and feel like you’re at the top of your tux game. So if you have the option to rent a better tuxedo for about the same price as that synthetic sweat bath, it’s actually a pretty easy choice.

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Average Tuxedo Rental Cost

According to WeddingWire, the average tuxedo rental cost is between $100-$199. That average factors in tuxedo accessories, too, though you may not actually need to rent some items. We see most of our renters spending between $150-$200 for an entire outfit, and after checking around at local and national tux rental chains, we would expect you to spend about the same no matter where you rent. But… (there’s always a but).

Most traditional tux shops ask you to pick up your tuxedo a few days before your event and return it the next day. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’ve been wearing a tuxedo all night, I want to sleep in—without worrying about late return fees upping the cost. Plus, what happens if that day-before tuxedo doesn’t fit?

Rental suits are the best option for black tie optional.

We deliver your tuxedo a full 10 days before your event. That leaves plenty of time to try it on and get the fit exactly right (if it’s not already perfect). Once the party’s over, you have three days to send everything back to us using the included, prepaid return shipping label. You can even have it picked up.

Learn more about how our tux rentals work here.

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Outfit Accessories & Cost Comparison

Black tuxedos—the jacket and pants—are a timeless garment because they’re designed in a minimalist way. Usually, the biggest difference you’ll see is in the jacket lapel shape. That means if you want to set yourself apart, it’ll usually come down to accessories like your tie, shoes, or pocket square. Obviously the more items you rent, the more your tuxedo rental will cost, but is more really more when it comes to accessories?

Let’s assume you need a full outfit, and compare two of our black tuxedo styles. Both are modern tuxedo looks, and would work well for a black tie dress code. Our rental garments are all designed and crafted with high end materials—we don’t charge a markup for “designer brands” because we make our own. In this case, the difference is all about the accessories.

The Essentials: $180-$195

Notch Lapel Tuxedo Rental Cost
Notch Lapel Tuxedo ($125)
Black Butterfly Bow Tie ($10), Fly Front Dress Shirt ($20), Suspenders ($10)

This look skips the tuxedo vest—which is optional anyway—but includes suspenders (also optional) in case you think you’ll feel exposed when you take off your tuxedo jacket to dance. The pocket square isn’t required either, though we recommend it (small detail, big impact). This look includes our fine cotton fly front dress shirt, which makes for a clean appearance (without renting button studs), and comes with silk knot cufflinks, so you don’t need to rent those either.

Black Patent Leather Shoes ($25), White Linen Pocket Square ($5)

The Whole Enchilada: $240

Peak Lapel Tuxedo Price
Peak Lapel Tuxedo ($125), Black Low Cut Tuxedo Vest ($20)
Silver Onyx Button Studs ($5), Cotton Dress Shirt ($20), Silver Dots Cufflinks ($10)

This look has every detail you could want. Our peak lapel tuxedo has wide “peak” lapels, and costs the same to rent as the notch lapel tuxedo in our essentials look above. This cotton dress shirt has the same rental cost as the fly front shirt (and either shirt would work), but this style gives you the option of wearing button studs and cufflinks (an additional $10-$15 rental cost).

This look also includes a vest, and a more detailed bow tie, pocket square, and shoes, which each cost just a little more than the simple counterparts.

Black Pin Dot Silk Bow Tie ($15)
Cap Toe Shoes ($35), Linen Shoestring Pocket Square ($10)

Winner: Do You

If the accessory-heavy look we’ve curated is your style, rent it. If you prefer a minimalist approach to formal wear, the essentials look definitely doesn’t say “I spent less.” We offer a variety of options at different price ranges so you can personalize your look—not because one outfit is better than the other.

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Will a Tuxedo Rental Look Cheap?

Tuxedo rentals have a murky reputation—that’s what decades of baggy polyester suits will do to an entire industry’s cred. Unfortunately, most rental chains and tux shops still rent out the same cheap suits, literally made of plastic, designed to fit everyone (without actually fitting anyone).

man laughing about tuxedo rental cost
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Good news—those traditional tux shops aren’t your only option anymore. At the risk of bragging, we’ve fixed the problems of traditional tuxedo rentals—including the fit and style—by designing our own modern fit tuxedos and suits, sourcing better fabrics and materials, and improving the way you find your sizes. Oh, and we deliver.

TL;DR: We can’t speak for other tuxedo rentals, but our tuxedos look high end (because they are).

Tuxedo Rentals, Your Way

Tuxedo rental prices are pretty easy to find when you know what you need, but what’s the true cost of your time and effort? We wear tuxedos for some of life’s most important moments, and that time and effort should pay off—with quality fabrics and the perfect fit.

But don’t take our word for it—see our suits and tuxedos for yourself. Get style advice and the right fit at one of our 300+ showrooms, or get a free home try-on delivered to your door. Or, answer a few simple questions to find your sizes right now.