Men’s Wedding Shoes for Tuxedos & Suits

Choosing wedding shoes doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out our picks for men’s wedding shoes, whether you’re wearing a suit or a tux.

Black patent wood sole shoes + midnight shawl tux.
Photo by @michaelstavrinosphotography

It’s easy to focus on the suit, the tie, or even the pocket square when you’re deciding what to wear to a wedding. Those are all important details, but don’t forget about your foundation—the shoes. The right wedding shoes can elevate your outfit and add some flash to your moment (or 3 hours) on the dance floor. All it takes is a little coordination.

Men’s Wedding Shoes for Suits

Brown leather shoes + blue suit.
Photo by @flashbibbs

For a suit, you won’t want anything too over the top or shiny. Look for a pair of wedding shoes on the casual end of the dress shoe spectrum—think a polished leather or suede. In particular, if you’re wearing a classic men’s wedding suit color, keep your palette simple: brown or black.

Brown leather shoes, black leather shoes.

For navy or charcoal wedding suits, or if the wedding will be more traditional, a simple pair of oxfords or derbys in a smooth leather will match up well. How do you decide between black and brown? It’s mostly a style choice, so there’s no wrong way to go. Or, take cues from the wedding to make the call. Daytime, outdoor, spring or summer: wear brown. Evening, indoor, fall or winter: wear black.

Brown suede shoes, black leather wood sole shoes.

Suede is a little more casual than a traditional leather, so it’s a great choice for a rustic or boho wedding vibe. The chocolate brown color of these suede wedding shoes adds just enough texture to your look to make it interesting, but in a color that’s still right for weddings.

If you want a men’s wedding shoe with more character, but don’t want to go suede, look for a pair with unique details, like brogues or a wood sole. We especially like the color mix on our black leather wood sole shoes—they give the shoe a handcrafted look.

P.S.- We also make them in patent leather.

Men’s Wedding Shoes for Tuxedos

Patent & calfskin cap toe shoes + notch lapel tuxedo.
Photo by @sloanephoto_

Tuxedos are more formal than suits, no matter the color. That means brown shoes are out—you’ll need a black pair of men’s wedding shoes to finish your look. While that narrows the field considerably, you still have options to choose from.

Black patent leather shoes, patent & calfskin cap toe shoes.

Patent leather shoes are a timeless tux pairing, so this is the play if you’re trying to keep it classic. If you have groomspeople wearing a similar look, or if your guests will be wearing tuxedos as well (black tie or black tie optional weddings), these patent cap toe shoes will help your kickers stand out.

Black velvet slip-on, black grosgrain loafer.

Or create some serious separation and slip into something comfortable. The right loafer makes for a unique wedding shoe, but it has to be formal enough to pair with a tuxedo.

Materials make all the difference. This slip-on adds some texture to your look, and its rich velvet is an especially good choice for fall or winter weddings. If you like the look of a loafer but want that classic patent leather shine, this pair has what you need, plus an upscale grosgrain toe box.

Black grosgrain loafers + emerald shawl jacket tux.
Photo by @parkeryoung

The Right Outfit for Every Wedding

Whether you’re planning a wedding, or planning on RSVPing “yes,” you need a great outfit—one that fits. We design modern suits and unique tuxedos crafted with the finest materials, for rent or for keeps, plus ties, shoes, and everything you need to show up looking your best. And we make sure it all fits.

Need more outfit inspiration? Check out our guides to wedding ties, groom suits, and pockets squares, or learn how to outfit your groomspeople here.

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