Wedding Ties for Grooms & Groomsmen Ties

Like every other aspect of wedding planning, choosing wedding ties can get complicated fast—especially when you add groomsmen ties to the mix. We won’t let that happen.

The sheer volume of options can be a big hurdle to clear—ties for wedding parties and grooms are as numerous as episodes of The Simpsons, and similarly, nobody really has time to see all of the wedding ties out there. If you follow our guidance, you won’t have to.

We’ll start with the basics, like the differences between tie shapes, and offer up some color inspiration before we dive into smaller (but important) details, like tie fabrics and wedding tie patterns. Dig as deep as you want—each layer will only make for a more nuanced wedding outfit.

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Bow Tie or Necktie?
Wedding Tie Colors
Wedding Tie Patterns
Wedding Tie Fabrics
Groomsmen Ties for Weddings

Should I Wear a Bow Tie or Necktie?

Your neckwear will have a big impact on your wedding outfit, but choosing between a bow tie and a necktie doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as answering one question: Is this a formal wedding or casual wedding?

Wedding Neckties

Of the two options, neckties are the casual wedding tie choice. There are only a few scenarios (or dress codes) where a necktie would actually be out of place, so if your wedding vibe isn’t quite that serious, you’re in the clear to wear a necktie.

But it’s not the only casual choice. Bow ties are fine—though less common—for casual events, too, so the right option is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Wedding Bow Ties

As we mentioned, the right choice for a formal wedding—one with a black tie or black tie optional dress code, for example—is a bow tie. But if you’re game, a knotty little bow can add some flavor to your look, no matter the formality of your wedding. First, you’ll need to choose a shape.

Diamond Wedding Bow Tie
Perhaps its asymmetrical shape makes this bow feel unpredictable, and probably dangerous. Could be it just looks sharp as hell.

Butterfly Bow Tie & Wide Butterfly Bow Ties
The butterfly bow tie is a classic, and probably the shape you think of first when you hear “bow tie.” This shape, along with the trendy wide version (which is taller and droopier), will provide an ample fabric frame for your noggin.

Batwing Bow Tie
Bruce Wayne’s signature pasta, or a trimmed down version of the butterfly bow tie? The latter is correct. Sometimes called a straight bow tie, it’s best for smaller people, as the batwing bow tie can sort of disappear on a larger person’s neck.

Wedding Bolo Ties

One cannot be taught how or when to choose a bolo tie—one simply knows.

Yep, we gave the bolo tie it’s own section just to write that sentence (and this one, too, apparently).

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Wine neckties for groomsmen ties are a good choice.

Wedding Tie Colors

Some couples choose a wedding tie in a shade that either matches or complements their wedding colors, but it’s totally fine to ditch the theme color and outfit your wedding in simple white neckties or classic black bow ties. If you do decide to work some color in, you’ll probably be on the lookout for a very specific hue, which is why we offer pretty much every color. Really.

Below, you’ll find samples from each of the major color groups, and there’s more where that came from. Check out the full spectrum of our neckwear here.

Pink & Coral Ties for Weddings

coral wedding ties

Red Ties for Weddings

red wedding ties

Purple Ties for Weddings

Blue Ties for Weddings

blue wedding ties

Teal Ties for Weddings

teal wedding ties

Green & Mint Ties for Weddings

mint wedding ties
green wedding ties

Gold Ties for Weddings

gold wedding ties

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Wedding Tie Patterns

Solid ties are great—you can’t mess them up, unless you get lazy leaning over the gravy and give your half windsor a full dunk and ruin everything. But if you are looking to break out of the solid routine, consider a pattern. This is especially wise if you’re planning to wear a conservative suit—charcoal, navy, or black. We’re not talking “novelty tie” patterns, either.

Pin Dot & Polka Dot Wedding Ties

For tie texture, pin dot is the way to go. For something playful, do the polka.

stripe wedding ties

Striped Wedding Ties

Keep the stripe thin and simple for a possibly nautical, slightly preppy, definitely not boardroom look.

Plaid & Tartan Wedding Ties

Plaid and tartan patterns add a rustic element to most outfits—great for forest or barn themed weddings.

Novelty Wedding Ties

Pretty sure we said verbatim, “we’re not talking ‘novelty tie’ patterns,” but sometimes they’re rad, like for your reception. If you were ever going to do a wardrobe change, it may as well be on your friggen wedding day.

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Wedding Tie Fabrics

Once you lock down the shape and color of your wedding tie, it’s time to get intentional about the fabric. This small detail separates the boys from… the very handsome boys. Why is fabric a big deal? Some fabrics lend themselves to particular seasons, so when possible, choose the material that’s best for the season of your wedding.

Spring & Summer Wedding Ties

Crisp cotton, linen, and seersucker—the perfect pairing for your light color summer suit.

velvet wedding tie

Fall & Winter Wedding Ties

Chunkier textures like velvet, knit silk, and wool flannel might not actually keep you any warmer in cold seasons, but they look like they would, which is kind of the point.

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Groomsmen Ties for Weddings

Any of the options above would work just as well for the wedding party, so if you don’t want to overthink your groomsmen ties, there’s a simple solution: outfit them in the same wedding tie as the groom. However, if the groom is looking to set himself apart, there are a few ways to make this happen with neckwear choices.


Or vice versa.


It doesn’t even have to be a bold pattern—the wedding photographer and style-oriented guests will catch subtle differences.


This ensures a timeless groom’s look, while the groomsmen can pop that secondary wedding color you spent a week going back and forth over.


The best time to skip a wedding tie? Casual summer weddings. They’re going to take the tie off on the dance floor anyway, this just saves a step.

Outfitting Your Wedding

At this point, you’ve seen (or scrolled past) hundreds of wedding ties—great for inspiration, but probably cutting into your wedding planning time. Wedding outfits are one piece of the giant planning puzzle, and any extra legwork is a no-go.

That’s why we make outfitting your wedding simple, with designer-quality suits and accessories, free delivery, and a guaranteed fit. Learn more about how it works here, or get more inspiration for your groom’s outfit or groomsmen suits. When you’re ready, we can even help you find your sizes.