Wedding Dress Codes Guide

Get outfit inspiration for grooms, the wedding party, and guests, and learn how to interpret wedding attire wording to follow any wedding dress code.

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When you ask guests to follow one of the dress codes below, you’re really doing them a favor. You’ll reduce the likelihood of a friend or family member feeling uncomfortable or awkward about their outfit, and you’ll remove the guesswork of getting dressed (dress-work?) for your other wedding guests.

And as a reward for offering that helpful dress code, the overall vibe of your wedding will be more predictable.

Dress Codes Guides

In the following guides, you’ll learn what each dress code means, and get outfit ideas to help you design both classic and modern wedding outfits for guests, grooms, and the wedding party.

Black Tie Wedding Dress Code
Black Tie Optional (& Formal Attire) Wedding Dress Code
Cocktail Wedding Dress Code
Semi-Formal Wedding Dress Code
Casual Wedding Dress Code


Dress codes are already confusing enough without couples putting their own spin in the standard terms. Make it easy for everyone by using wedding attire wording that is clear and easy to define. The dress codes in this guide are widely accepted and defined consistently, so it’s much less likely someone will misunderstand the wedding attire wording you put on your invitations.

If you need to use modifiers, only use those that make your dress code more casually descriptive, like “Beach” or “Festive.” “Smart Casual” isn’t really that helpful, is it?


Roll with a formal wedding attire look that will cover the majority of wedding vibes: a dark suit with a white dress shirt, black shoes, and a dark tie (aka cocktail wedding attire). This outfit works everywhere except the beach—in that case, a casual attire look will cover your bases.

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Charcoal Suit, Navy Suit

The Right Fit for Your
Wedding Dress Code

Understanding wedding dress codes can help you choose the right look, but it’s just as important that the suit or tux you choose actually fits you. That’s why we design suits and tuxedos with a modern cut and a better fit, and make it easy for everyone look good and feel ready to celebrate on the wedding day.

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